Electronic Cigarettes – Saving Health and Money

Electronic cigarettes will never emit any type of smoke or scents that causes someone to cough violently. There’s zero mucus build up because there aren’t any smoke particles preventing the throat from doing its cleaning. Smokeless E-liquid is the major substance that is utilized in cigarettes that are electronic. This is when smoking using […]

What Happened When Prisoners Launched Vaping (HBO)

What Happened When Prisoners Started Vaping (HBO) Jamie Mosley is a successful entrepreneur, who started a company, and made a great deal of money, selling a product that you may not have realized there was a marketplace for: E-cigarettes that are safe for jails. Specifically, because of his prison — or at least, that’s how […]

Reaping the Electronic Cigarette Kit Open!

But as an individual goes about obtaining it, the kit should be well maintained and high standards of cleanliness and precaution maintained to keep from making mistakes . It’s thus important to get sufficient insight that it contains. The kit contains bottles for refilling the nicotine which burns in charging instances or the cigarettes, cartridges […]

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes That Are Super Awesome

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes Which Are Super Awesome Benefit Number One is electronic cigarettes do NOT have odors or smells. Its breaking news that tobacco cigarettes smell horribly BAD. Not only that but the scent of cigarette smoke get’s on everything. The odor smells extremely bad and non smokers do not want to be around […]

Formaldehyde in Electronic Cigarettes vs Combustible Tobacco

Formaldehyde in Electronic Cigarettes vs Combustible Tobacco Today’s movie is an easy to conduct experiment to detect formaldehyde in electronic cigarette and combustible tobacco so that you can compare the levels and outcomes. The equipment is easy to get a hold of if you would like to conduct this yourself, where you can buy the […]

Extensive Advantages from Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes make a excellent alternative way to get nicotine for people who have never smoked any type of cigarette, and people that smoke tobacco cigarettes. There’s a list of benefits when it comes to alternative smoking using digital cigarettes which make use of E-liquid. When they attempt to smoke in various social […]


In this video I talk about diacetyl in digital cigarettes and how blown out of proportion everything has now gotten in the media. I attempt how it relates to vaping, and to put it into perspective. http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/09/how-the-media-totally-exaggerated-study-on-risk-of-popcorn-lung-from-e-cigarettes/ Please enjoy our Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/smmvapereviews Instagram https://www.instagram.com/suckmymod/ Twitter https://twitter.com/suckmymod

The Digestive System – Do E-Cigarettes Affect your Stomach?

The Digestive System – Do E-Cigarettes Affect your Stomach? The negative health effects that arise from smoking are well documented. The ways that it impacts your health range although the most well known ways smoking influences your health are linked to your system. It also cause esophageal cancer and can deeply affect your digestive health. […]