Posted March 1, 2012 by Jack Keenan in About e-Cigarettes

Chart: Lavatube Power by Voltage and Atomizer Resistance

Lavatube Resistance Voltage Chart
Lavatube Resistance Voltage Chart

How much power can I get out of the Lavatube e-cig at different voltage levels?

The Lavatube is compatible with the most common atomizer types including the popular 510 and 306 styles. In addition, you can select a low, medium or high-resistance atomizer according to your needs. The Lavatube has a built-in safety feature that limits the current to about 2.67 amps. If you set it to a voltage too high for the resistance of the attached atomizer, it reduces the voltage automatically. Knowing this information, you may be curious as to what voltage settings you can use at different atomizer resistances to avoid triggering the over-current protection. This chart shows the power in watts and the current in amps that you can expect when you use the Lavatube at each common atomizer resistance. This lets you know how high you can dial the voltage up with your Lavatube without the unit lowering itself to 3.7 volts.

Lavatube E-Cig Power Levels by Voltage and Resistance

Power levels for the Lavatube e-cig by atomizer resistance and voltage. Click for full chart.

As you can see from the chart, you cannot use a low-resistance atomizer with the Lavatube at any setting above 4.0 volts. At 4.1 volts, the amperage level is 2.73 amps and the over-current protection kicks in. In theory, you can achieve the most vapor production — 14.4 watts — using the Lavatube at 6.0 volts with a standard-resistance 2.5 ohm atomizer. However, it is important to note that most manufacturers recommend against using 2.5 ohm atomizers at 6.0 volts. It is possible that this power level is simply too high for the atomizer and burns it out quickly.