Posted February 5, 2011 by Jack Keenan in About e-Cigarettes

How to Fill a Volcano Inferno (T) Tank

Volcano Inferno (T) Tank
Volcano Inferno (T) Tank

The Inferno Tank-o-Mizer is a completely new way of delivering liquid to an electronic cigarette atomizer, and it can be a little confusing at first. Many people have visited my Volcano Inferno (T) review hoping to getting help with setting theirs up, so I’ve decided to put together this guide. So, let’s get started. The Inferno (T) consists of four basic parts: the battery, the Tank-o-Mizer (cone), a tank and mouthpiece combo, and your favorite electronic cigarette liquid. Remove your tank from the packaging, and let’s begin!

1. Remove the large soft plastic cover from the end of the Inferno (T) tank. Save the cover so you can use it when swapping tanks later.

2. Place your fingernail under the hard plastic cap, and remove the cap to open the tank.

3. Fill the Inferno (T) tank almost to the top, and replace the cap.

4. Screw the Inferno (T) Tank-o-Mizer onto the battery.

5. Push the tank into the Tank-o-Mizer fully. When you install a tank for the first time, you should feel a firm “snap” as the Tank-o-Mizer pokes through the plastic seal.

6. Push the button on the Inferno battery and enjoy.

Note that the Inferno (T) Tank-o-Mizer and tank have two long channels for vapor to flow through. Some have said that lining the tank up inside the Tank-o-Mizer produces superior vapor. However, it also puts the battery button in an awkward location. Personally, I find that the Inferno (T) produces plenty of vapor regardless of the tank’s orientation.

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