Posted January 9, 2011 by Jack Keenan in About e-Cigarettes

Turn Any Electronic Cigarette Cartridge into a Drip Tip

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Drip Tip Mod
Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Drip Tip Mod

How can I try dripping without buying an electronic cigarette drip tip?

If you have already spent money to purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit that includes disposable cartridges, it is understandable that you might not want to spend the extra money needed to buy a drip tip and bottle of electronic cigarette liquid as well just so you can try dripping. Although you might have heard that dripping is the best way to consistently produce large amounts of vapor from an electronic cigarette, buying a drip tip and bottle of liquid adds still more money to the expense of getting started with electronic cigarettes. Although this method still requires you to spend some money on a bottle of liquid, it will save the $10 or so required for a drip tip until you decide whether or not dripping will work for you.

Here’s what you need:

  • Empty electronic cigarette cartridge
  • Paper clip or safety pin
  • Bottle of electronic cigarette liquid

Extend the paper clip or safety pin, and push it through the hole at the top of the electronic cigarette cartridge. The goal here is to push the inner capsule or filler material out of the cartridge, leaving the empty plastic shell. Throw the capsule or filler material away. Be aware that nicotine can be absorbed through the skin; if you get any liquid on your hands from the filler material, wash it off.

Place two drops of electronic cigarette liquid directly on the the metal mesh (the “bridge”) in the center of the atomizer, and place the empty cartridge on the electronic cigarette. If the atomizer is completely dry, you may want to use four drops instead.

Allow a few moments for the liquid to wick down to the atomizer heating element, and use the electronic cigarette. Because you are applying the liquid directly to the atomizer rather than waiting for it to wick down from the filler material in the cartridge, you should find that the cloud that you exhale is the largest vapor cloud that you have ever seen.

When the vapor production begins to tail off, remove the electronic cigarette cartridge and add two more drops of liquid. I find that two drops of liquid gives me about seven good puffs before I need to add more. Be careful not to add too much, as this can lead to a flooded atomizer.

Note: The electronic cigarette cartridge shown in the picture is a cartridge for the Volcano Magma electronic cigarette, but this tip will work with any electronic cigarette cartridge that uses an internal capsule or filler material that can be pushed out. If you do use a Magma, try Volcano’s aluminum or stainless steel drip tip when you are ready to step up to dripping full time.