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My name is Jack Keenan. In 2010, I began using electronic cigarettes to end a smoking habit of more than ten years. With this website, I hope to help those who are new to electronic cigarettes by reviewing the many electronic cigarettes and e-liquid flavors that I have tried and continue to try, and sharing some of the tips that I pick up along the way.

Unless otherwise noted, all of my reviews are conducted with a ProVape ProVari electronic cigarette and a new, freshly opened Boge 510 cartomizer. Prior to 2012, I used a Volcano Inferno electronic cigarette with a Lava atomizer.

When I write e-cigarette reviews, I compare the product at hand to other products with a similar design and price before deciding on a final rating. I believe this is the fairest way to review electronic cigarettes; a product like Green Smoke couldn’t possibly produce as much vapor as the ProVari Mini, but both are excellent products in their categories. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them directly.

Taste is a very subjective thing, and you may not agree with my reviews. I started this website because I found that I often disagreed with the tasting notes that I read online when I was purchasing new e-liquid flavors. I thought that by providing more detailed descriptions of e-liquids, I could help potential customers make more educated decisions. Bear in mind when reading my reviews that they are only my opinions, and I am in no way implying that my opinions are more “right” than anyone else’s. If you have a difference of opinion, I hope that you’ll consider posting a comment so other readers may take your thoughts into account, as well.

Many of the product links on eDripping are affiliate links. I make small commissions from the sale of e-liquids or electronic cigarette hardware made through this website, helping to pay for future product purchases and fund the continued development of eDripping. This does not influence me to post a positive review of a flavor or other product that I do not like — I review a product negatively if I feel the product deserves it. Electronic cigarette sales made through eDripping do not increase your price, and in fact can decrease your price if you use the coupon codes that I post. I also review products from companies with whom I have no affiliate relationship.

Are you a manufacturer with an electronic cigarette or e-liquid that you would like me to try? I am always interested in trying new products, and would be happy to post an honest review of your product. Learn more about submitting products to eDripping.

Note: Electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation aids, nor should they be considered a way to smoke safely. Electronic cigarettes are alternatives to smoking. Do not try electronic cigarettes if you do not smoke already, and do not access this website unless you are of legal smoking age in your jurisdiction.