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It’s hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since I launched eDripping.com, and in that time I have written more than 100 e-liquid reviews. That’s an awful lot of vaping. It occurred to me that someone who simply wants to see as many e-liquid reviews as possible in one location without flipping pages might prefer to see those reviews in a convenient chart. Each entry in this e-liquid chart contains the maker and name of the e-liquid, the general flavor category, a brief summary of my tasting notes and my overall rating out of a possible five stars. Click the Review┬álink to read my full review, or click the Buy┬álink to view the e-liquid at the manufacturer’s website.

Maker Name Type Score Notes Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Essence Tobacco Tobacco 5.000 Full-flavored, rich, warm and nutty. A real delight. Review Buy
Volcano Menthol Burst Menthol 5.000 Absolutely no e-liquid has more menthol. Perfect neutral flavor. Review Buy
deejStuff Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert 5.000 Superb. Very convincing cheesecake flavor with a touch of strawberry. Review Buy
Intellicig RiZe Flue Cured Tobacco Tobacco 5.000 Superb Virginia tobacco flavor with an amazing nicotine punch. Review Buy
Intellicig ECOpure Rich Tobacco 5.000 Incredibly clean. Mild flavor and great feeling of nicotine satisfaction. Review Buy
Halo Freedom Juice Tobacco 5.000 Convincing tobacco flavor. Spicy, not too sweet. Absolutely terrific. Review Buy
Halo Turkish Tobacco Tobacco 5.000 Dry and smoky. Great analog tobacco taste. Review Buy
Ares Black Clove Tobacco 4.750 Nearly perfect. Actually numbs the mouth slightly thanks to the eugenol addition. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Marcado Spice 4.625 Strong clove flavor with cinnamon and tobacco. Easily the best JC e-Liquid. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Essence Ice Menthol 4.625 Medium menthol with a base flavor resembling an unsmoked cigar. Very nice. Review Buy
Halo Belgian Cocoa Dessert 4.500 A chocolate e-liquid that actually tastes like chocolate you’d eat. Delicious. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Peppermint Chill Mint 4.375 Tastes like mint tea with a good amount of natural menthol. Review Buy
DKS Marshall Tobacco 4.333 Aroma of burning leaves makes this one quite unique. Review Buy
Halo Menthol Ice Menthol 4.250 Good level of menthol. Tobacco flavor with a slight hint of peppermint. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid Grey Matter Tobacco 4.250 Realistic pipe tobacco aroma that clashes slightly with sweet flavor notes. Review Buy
Volcano Red Hot Lava Spice 4.250 Great flavor of hot artificial cinnamon candy — like a Hot Tamale. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Pina Colada Beverage 4.250 Complex flavors of fruit and rum. Only slightly sweet. Review Buy
Halo Smooth 8 Tobacco 4.125 Tobacco with notes of ginger and bitter citrus. Tastes like Camel Twist. Review Buy
Volcano Tobacco Tobacco 4.125 Nuts, roasted coffee, clove and honey combine to approximate tobacco. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Essence NPT Menthol 4.125 Nice spicy flavor profile. Could use a little more menthol. Review Buy
Halo Fusion Flavorless 4.000 Flavorless base for DIY e-liquids. Excellent performance. Review Buy
Halo Midnight Apple Tobacco 4.000 Rich tobacco with a hint of green apple Jolly Rancher flavor. Very nice. Review Buy
Intellicig RiZe Rustica Tobacco 4.000 A nice “analog cigarette” flavor. Could be a little stronger. Review Buy
Prime Vaping Peach Tobacco Tobacco 4.000 Reminiscent of peach pipe tobacco. Quite sweet. Review Buy
deejStuff Peach Champagne Beverage 4.000 Doesn’t taste like champagne, but has a pleasant fruity tingle. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Morning Coffee Beverage 4.000 A real treat for throat hit fans. Tastes a bit like instant coffee. Review Buy
Intellicig RiZe Kamel Tobacco 4.000 Turkish tobacco flavor, slightly sweet with a little Bergamot. Review Buy
Halo Malibu Menthol Menthol 4.000 Nice tropical beverage taste. Notes of pineapple and coconut. Review Buy
Halo HX3 Tobacco 4.000 Powerful tobacco flavor with notes of smoke and peppermint. Heavy throat hit. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Essence Lunar Mint Mint 4.000 A rare mint flavor with no menthol. Tastes like a pillow mint. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Kona Coffee Milkshake Beverage 4.000 Sweet, strong notes of coffee and ice cream. Great on less powerful e-Cigs. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Island Beverage 3.875 Notes of coconut, pineapple and tobacco. Like a tropical drink. Review Buy
Volcano Pineapple Punch Beverage 3.875 Volcano’s best fruit e-liquid. Nice flavor without too much sweetness. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Darjeeling Sweet Tea Beverage 3.875 Nice sweet tea flavor with strong tannins and notes of milk and Bergamot. Review Buy
Halo Mystic Menthol Menthol 3.875 Pure taste. High menthol with a little mint. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Chocolate Truffle Dessert 3.875 Dark chocolate aroma. Taste is sweet and rich but doesn’t resemble chocolate. Review Buy
Volcano Surfer Soda Beverage 3.750 Good cola flavor. Creates a nice tingle on the tongue. Review Buy
Ares Black Cherry Tobacco Tobacco 3.750 Tastes something like a chocolate covered cherry with butterscotch notes. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Strawberry Temptation Fruit 3.750 Strawberry candy flavor is nicely counterbalanced by a powerful throat hit. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid Lemon Ice Dessert 3.750 Fairly high menthol with a nice lemon flavor and a hint of sweetness. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Solstice Fruit 3.750 Melon and berry flavors over a tobacco base with a hint of menthol. Nice. Review Buy
Ares Menthol Additive Menthol 3.750 Plain menthol additive. Works well, but need to use a lot. Review Buy
Halo Kringle’s Curse Menthol 3.750 Powerful mint flavor with minimum sweetness. Review Buy
Volcano Cherry Lava Fruit 3.625 Tastes a bit like a Luden’s throat lozenge. Enjoyable. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Essence Twisted Peppermint Mint 3.625 Peppermint and Bergamot. A nice, complex mint flavor without menthol. Review Buy
Gourmet Vapor Orange Julius Beverage 3.625 A solid rendition of the popular food court beverage. Review Buy
Ares Classic Tobacco Tobacco 3.625 Uses spice rather than nut flavors to approximate tobacco. Nice. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Cuban Cigar Tobacco 3.625 An interesting yeast flavor melds with tobacco for an unusual experience. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Very Vanilla Dessert 3.500 Tastes a little like a vanilla flavored cigar. Vanilla tastes artificial. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Classic Tobacco Tobacco 3.500 Woody, grassy and spicy. Good nicotine punch. Review Buy
Halo TruePure Menthol Menthol 3.500 Menthol with tobacco and peppermint notes. Decent TH. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid Menthol Menthol 3.500 Lots of menthol with base flavors of tobacco and smoke. Review Buy
Intellicig ECOpure Menthol Menthol 3.500 Clean, pleasant flavor. Nice nicotine tingle. Not enough menthol. Review Buy
Halo Prime 15 Tobacco 3.500 Great tobacco flavor when new. Develops a sweet caramel note after a few days. Review Buy
Halo Torque 56 Tobacco 3.500 Powerful. Notes of burned coffee, vanilla and grape. Incredible throat hit. Review Buy
Intellicig RiZe Reds Blend Tobacco 3.500 Similar taste to RiZe Flue-Cured, but weaker. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Banana Paradise Fruit 3.375 Banana candy flavor with a strong throat hit. Interesting but not great. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Black Cherry Fruit 3.375 Decent cherry e-liquid but has some medicinal flavor notes. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Root Beer Float Beverage 3.375 Great root beer flavor, but a bit of an “artificial sweetener” aftertaste. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured Tobacco 3.375 Poor vapor production. Complex and aromatic, but doesn’t taste like tobacco. Review Buy
V2 Cigs Menthol Menthol 3.250 Strong menthol, peppermint and tobacco flavor notes. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Arctic Menthol Menthol 3.250 Nice tobacco flavor with a peppermint note. Not enough menthol. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid Kamel Hump Tobacco 3.250 A bit too much citrus and sweetness to be authentic Turkish tobacco. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Mint Chocolate Dessert 3.250 Nice, but the mint flavor is difficult to detect under the chocolate. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Strawberry Shortcake Dessert 3.250 Nice strawberry flavor, not too much sweetness. Review Buy
Halo CoolMist Menthol 3.250 Menthol with mixed mint flavors. A bit on the sweet side for me. Review Buy
Intellicig ECOpure Krystal Flavorless 3.166 Base for DIY e-liquids. Less neutral than Halo Fusion. Review Buy
Envy Strawberry Daiquiri Beverage 3.125 Fruity and sweet with a little complexity. Pleasant, but not memorable. Review Buy
Volcano Hula Punch Beverage 3.125 Combination of fruits such as guava, grape and raspberry. Nice, but very sweet. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet The Dr. Beverage 3.125 Nice soda flavor with a kick, but doesn’t taste like Dr. Pepper. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Strawberry Lime Cooler Beverage 3.000 Amazing smell. Flavor is a bit hard to detect. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Ginger Spice 3.000 Realistic ginger flavor, but not something most people will want every day. Review Buy
Highbrow Vapor Orange de Sangre Beverage 3.000 Excellent orange flavor, but syrupy sweet. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Summer Peach Fruit 3.000 A nice peach pipe tobacco flavor, although the tobacco isn’t realistic. Review Buy
Volcano Pearadise Fruit 3.000 Decent pear candy flavor, but not spectacular. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Spiced Apple Cider Beverage 3.000 Apple flavor with cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper notes. Not too sweet. Review Buy
Halo Captain Jack Tobacco 3.000 Great pipe tobacco aroma. Taste is a bit too complicated to be realistic. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Menthol Menthol 3.000 Standard Chinese menthol e-liquid. Fairly strong menthol, slight chemical taste. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid Apple Ice Fruit 2.875 Nice, but lacks a good green apple tang. Review Buy
Prime Vaping Nostalgia Tobacco 2.875 Tobacco and malted chocolate. Weak flavor. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid Green Pear Ice Fruit 2.875 A little too sweet and light on the menthol. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Wisconsin Frost Menthol 2.875 Too little menthol. Strong, harsh smoke flavor. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Clove Spice 2.750 Artificial clove flavor. You can find far better clove e-liquids. Review Buy
deejStuff Serenity Surprise Dessert 2.750 Tastes like a Sweet Tart without a great deal of tang. Strong throat hit. Review Buy
Halo Tribeca Tobacco 2.750 A customer favorite, but too sweet for me. Butterscotch, caramel and coffee. Review Buy
Volcano Kona Coffee Beverage 2.750 Tastes a little like sweetened canned coffee. Review Buy
Volcano Blue Water Punch Beverage 2.750 Like a blue Jolly Rancher. Very sweet. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Essence USA Tobacco 2.625 Dry and spicy, ruined by an unpleasant barnyard aroma. Review Buy
Volcano CooCoo Coconut Fruit 2.625 Pleasant artificial coconut flavor. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Domestic Tobacco 2.625 Weak throat hit for an 18 mg e-liquid. Forgettable flavor. Review Buy
Mister-E-Liquid English Meadow Tobacco 2.625 Sweet with notes of citrus and other fruits. No detectable tobacco flavor. Review Buy
Volcano Mauna Dew Beverage 2.625 Tastes like generic citrus soda. Too sweet for me. Review Buy
deejStuff deejBlend 05 Menthol Menthol 2.625 Medium to high menthol, powerful smoke flavor. A bit too strong and harsh. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Tobacco Blend Tobacco 2.500 Strong throat hit. Too much barnyard aroma, no real tobacco flavor. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Vanilla Dessert 2.500 Decent artificial vanilla flavor but nothing spectacular. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Organic Tobacco Tobacco 2.500 Strong ashtray taste. Might do well mixed with another e-liquid. Review Buy
Highbrow Vapor Highbrowbacco RY4 Tobacco 2.500 Caramel and butter flavors overpower what seems to be a good tobacco base. Review Buy
Gourmet Vapor Menthol Madness Menthol 2.500 Interesting eucalyptus flavor, like a Halls cough drop. Review Buy
Smoke Revolution Menthol Crush Menthol 2.500 Dry and harsh. Strong chemical taste. Review Buy
Johnson Creek J.C. Original Tobacco 2.250 “Nuts and honey” flavor. Nice, but not tobacco. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet RY4 Tobacco 2.250 The original Chinese RY4. Way too sweet and complicated. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Luscious Lime Fruit 2.125 Tastes like plain bottled lime juice. Not very enjoyable. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Tundra Menthol 2.125 Bitter tobacco, peppermint and not enough menthol. Harsh. Review Buy
eLiquid Planet Chocolate Dessert 2.125 Doesn’t taste like any chocolate I’ve ever had. Review Buy
deejStuff Peanut Butter Cup Dessert 2.125 Notes of dark chocolate and artificial butter. Doesn’t work. Review Buy
Johnson Creek French Vanilla Dessert 2.000 The tobacco flavor clashes with and covers the vanilla. Review Buy
Volcano Tobacco Pure Tobacco 2.000 Smells like smoke but doesn’t taste like it. Way too sweet, like RY4. Review Buy
Halo Bella Valente Tobacco 2.000 Strong barnyard flavor. Doesn’t resemble cigar tobacco at all. Review Buy
Volcano Menthol Menthol 1.875 Tastes like chemicals and has very little menthol. Review Buy
Halo Tiki Juice Beverage 1.875 Confusing mix of fruits and spices. Didn’t like it. Review Buy
Ares Menthol Tobacco Menthol 1.875 Very sweet butterscotch flavor. Low level of menthol. Review Buy
Intellicig RiZe French Pipe Tobacco 1.750 Tastes strange; wouldn’t be able to identify it without the name. Review Buy
Gourmet Vapor Menthol Eucalyptus Menthol 1.625 Tastes like a plain white cough drop. Review Buy
Virgin Vapor Menthol Moon Drops Menthol 1.500 Plain menthol without flavor. Not enough menthol to work as a mixer. Review Buy
Johnson Creek Valencia Fruit 1.500 Strong throat hit but completely unpalatable flavor. Review Buy
Safe Cig Turkish Tobacco 0.000 Good Turkish tobacco flavor with warmth and complexity. Review Discontinued
Vapure Blueberry Fruit 0.000 Pleasant blueberry flavor. Not memorable. Review Discontinued
Volcano Butterscotch Dessert 0.000 Tastes like sweet butter, not butterscotch. Limited edition for Christmas 2010. Review Discontinued
Volcano Cinnapple Fruit 0.000 Sweet apple with a hint of cinnamon. Limited edition for Christmas 2010. Review Discontinued
Volcano Chocomint Dessert 0.000 Chocolate with a slight hint of mint. Limited edition for Christmas 2010. Review Discontinued
Vapure Dry Blend Menthol Menthol 0.000 Absolutely horrible. Harsh drug store perfume taste. Review Discontinued
Safe Cig Trinidad Tobacco 0.000 No detectable tobacco flavor, but mango flavor is nice. Review Discontinued
Safe Cig Traditional Tobacco 0.000 Standard tobacco flavor. Sweet, savory and woody. Not particularly memorable. Review Discontinued
Safe Cig Menthol Menthol 0.000 Tobacco and peppermint. Strong chemical taste, made me feel queasy. Review Discontinued