Smokeless Cigarettes – A Healthier Decision Made By Millions

“; Electronic cigarettes, also commonly referred to as smokeless cigarettes or e-cigarettes, are a radical new way to help tobacco cigarette smokers either stop smoking or slow down their smoking habit. However, many people are concerned about the way it will affect their health, which is strange, considering the fact that so many people actually […]

Electronic Cigarette Stores Become A Popular Business Venture

“; “Now Open” signs are beginning to be put in the windows of a new kind of store all over the world: digital cigarette stores. As e-cigarettes, short for digital cigarettes, are beginning to gain popularity and momentum all over the world, electronic cigarette stores are starting to become a very lucrative business to enter. […]

Getting Started With Electronic Cigarettes

“; We have all seen the warning commercials, advertisements, and propaganda that preach against smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, warning us of the risks and the horrible side effects of the timeless habit. However, not that people have not heard these messages given them any thought, were happy to find out if a new innovation called […]

Electronic Cigarettes Are Becoming One of the Most Popular Inventions Of Our Time

“; Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and every other great inventor and genius in history probably never imagined that certain things would become digital, or that computers will be running the world, or that everything could have an”e” in front of it. If only one of them were alive today, they’d probably drop dead if they […]

E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? – Horizon: E-Cigarettes – BBC 2

E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? – Horizon: E-Cigarettes – BBC Two SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube station: LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to get Live TV and Box Sets: Programme website: Michael Mosley investigates the rise in e-cigarettes with Horizon

Lighting Up Without Lighting Up – Electronic Cigarettes

“; It has been a few years since the ecig has been popular on the market. Electronic cigarettes have been shown to be quite the achievement, being a clever alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Although smoking tobacco has been happening for centuries, the creation of tobacco cigarettes introduced a completely new set of health problems […]