CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Overview

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50 thoughts on “CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

  1. it’s worth it? i meean my last vape well,, was bad, cuz i just puff like 5 times and the battery just died

  2. After using 1 hour the light of the switch turn one off why will you give me some advice why this happend

  3. How come he gets way more smoke then me? Also is it normal when you first start vaping it hurts your throat a little?

  4. Thanks so much for this video, I didn’t know how to turn it on . But thanks to you it works. Great review

  5. Ok, I have a newbie question……you say press the button 5 times and this turns it on…ok good now…my question is when you are going to puff on it do you press the button and hold it while puffing or is there a sequence you have to do? like press and release while inhaling or do you hold the button while puffing?

  6. Good video right to the point. This one is a step above the entry level 7 dollar vape pen I bought earlier.

  7. I got mine. For. 2 works. Really good. Go to. Aliexpress. I got mines for cheap for $5 and free shipping and it works. Really good

  8. got this thing today, same juice that tastes delicious in my brothers mod tastes fucking gross in this thing. dont buy this piece of shit, you get what you pay for

  9. Thank you, I have been trying to figure out how to fill this thing for days, it didn’t come with any instructions. This video really helped me understand how to fill the tank on my ego-t e cig!

  10. I smoked for 3 year and vaping has made me completely quit. I don’t really think about smoking and I feel a lot healthier. I can run and play sport, switching to vaping really is best.🙂💨good luck.

  11. Greetings, Just got an ego-t in similar packaging that I have been waiting weeks on from China. eGo-t was in the package, juice was not. Wahhhh, big wahhhh.

    Also, it looks a little different. The "clearomizer" tank does not have wicks sticking out all over. It appears to have four holes in the center tube. Two high, two low. Fortunately an emergency buy of juice was setting here to fill up a markten till the stuff got here. So, even without wicks tentacled in the fuel tank, it seems to work as expected. Five clicks for on, Five for off. And three flashes when it thinks your Bogarting it.

    Regarding the Ce4 tank, externally it resembles some of the rebuild video target tanks. But does have differences. The repair videos I had viewed this evening show a button in the bottom at the 510 connection which has the coil wires covered. This one has something different in the "coil well". I was curious if these had been updated lately. Thanks for the looksee. I am aware your video is now five years old. Still interesting and educational to the new vaper. Just for historical purpose, I was a 50 year cigarette addict until a couple of months ago when I tried a Vibe coupon. Badabing, no more cigarettes. Ripped the tank apart and had been refilling the first Vibe tank with fuel from a local vaporium. Two hits off the Vibe and it was clear in my mind I had bought my last pack of butts.

    I am still a bit bashful when out and about and use a markten because it looks like a cigarette and I do not want to invite a shake down by Barney Fife while out driving around. Thanks again, I’m off to learn about Ce4 tanks, and alternative fuels like CBD, THC. Happy Memorial Day. Summer 2018 is on us.

  12. I am a beginner.i found some video e cigarette is it can be explore or not.i so much confused

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