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Boge 510 Cartomizer Review

Boge 510 Cartomizer Review
Boge 510 Cartomizer Review

Boge 510 Cartomizer

Note: As of 2014, this link now goes to Vapor Alley as Virgin Vapor no longer stocks Boge cartomizers.

Boge 510 Cartomizer Review

Boge 510 Cartomizer ProVari E-Cigarette

The stainless steel Boge 510 cartomizer creates a striking appearance with the ProVari e-cigarette.

I haven’t had the greatest luck with filling my own cartomizers so far. Although pre-filled cartomizers from companies such as Halo have worked fine for me, I have also had some pretty bad experiences with products such as the Volcano Tube Tank and the eLiquid Planet dual-coil 510 cartomizer. Either I was unable to fill cartomizers correctly or I was picking some bad products. It turned out to be the latter; the Boge 510 cartomizer has proven to be a great product, and I expect them to become a regular part of my electronic cigarette hardware collection.

Boge 510 Cartomizer Filler Material

The Boge 510 cartomizer uses a cotton gauze filler material.

Boge 510 cartomizers are available in black and stainless steel. I find the stainless steel cartomizer quite attractive; when combined with a stainless steel drip tip, it makes for a really sharp looking combination when used with the ProVape ProVari e-cigarette, which I will be reviewing soon. Functionally, the two colors are the same. The Virgin Vapor cartomizer deal that I mentioned above includes three five-packs of Boge 510 cartomizers, allowing you to mix and match color and resistance and find the combination that works best for you.

Since I planned to test the Boge 510 cartomizer on my ProVari e-cigarette, I purchased them at the standard resistance of 2.8 ohms. I have had no trouble using them at six volts, and the flavor and vapor production are unbelievable. The menthol rush that I get from Volcano’s Menthol Burst e-liquid has never been more intense.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the numbering system used to identify electronic cigarette products, the “510” portion of the Boge 510 cartomizer refers to the threading used to attach the cartomizer to the e-cigarette. Most of today’s electronic cigarettes — the ProVari, Lavatube and Inferno being just a few examples — use 510-compatible threading. If your electronic cigarette’s cartomizers or atomizers use threading the looks like the threading shown in this article’s pictures, chances are that you can use the Boge 510 cartomizer.

Filling the Boge 510 cartomizer is a bit of an art, and failing to do so correctly can result in a burned taste and harsh, unpleasant vapor. There are three commonly accepted methods of filling Boge 510 cartomizers, and I’ll discuss them all here. The three methods are the drip method, the needle tip method and the condom method.

Filling the Boge 510 Cartomizer: The Drip Method

Filling Boge 510 Cartomizer Drip Method

Filling a cartomizer: the drip method

Regardless of the filling method you choose, the first thing you will need to do when filling your Boge 510 cartomizer is remove the soft plastic cover wrapped around the tip. Because of its shape, some people refer to this as a “condom.” When you fill the cartomizer for the first time, keep the bottom “condom” on to prevent leaking. Next, you’ll need to remove the white cover protecting the cartomizer’s inner filler material. I like to use tweezers for this, but you could also use a toothpick or needle bottle top. Inside the Boge 510 cartomizer, you’ll find a center tube through which vapor travels as well as a filler material made from cotton gauze. To fill the cartomizer using the drip method, take an eyedropper or squeeze bottle of e-liquid and lean the tip against the inside wall of the cartomizer. Although getting liquid inside the center tube won’t ruin the cartomizer, you’ll want to avoid doing so as any e-liquid not suspended by the filler material will leak out the bottom.

Next, place about four drops of e-liquid inside the Boge 510 cartomizer and wait for it to soak in. After a few seconds, turn the cartomizer 180 degrees and add more e-liquid. After doing this several times, you’ll notice that the liquid begins to pool at the top of the filler material for several seconds before it soaks in. When the cartomizer reaches this point, it is ready to use.

Although plenty of people are successful filling Boge 510 cartomizers with the drip method, I have not been. The heating element is at the bottom of the cartomizer, and if the liquid never gets that far down, you end up getting a burned taste because you’re burning the filler material rather than vaporizing the e-liquid.

Filling the Boge 510 Cartomizer: The Needle Method

Filling Boge 510 Cartomizer Needle Method

Filling a cartomizer: the needle method

The needle method is my favorite way of filling Boge 510 cartomizers. To use this method, you need a squeeze bottle with a needle tip cap or a syringe filled with about 1 ml of e-liquid. As with the other filling methods, you’ll need to remove the top cover and white cap from the cartomizer while leaving the bottom cover on. Push the needle between the filler material and inner edge of the cartomizer as far down as possible without damaging the filler material, and squeeze gently until you begin to see e-liquid pooling at the top of the filler material. Then, turn the cartomizer 180 degrees and repeat with the needle positioned on the opposite side. I have had great success using the needle method to fill my cartomizers while avoiding the burned taste that results from filling improperly.

Filling the Boge 510 Cartomizer: The Condom Method

Filling Boge 510 Cartomizer Condom Method

Filling a cartomizer: the condom method

The condom method is my least favorite way of filling cartomizers because it tends to be messy and result in wasted e-liquid. To use this method, you’ll want to remove the covers from both sides of the cartomizer as well as the white cap. Place the bottom cover on a table or counter and put about ten drops of e-liquid inside it. Hold the Boge 510 cartomizer just above the e-liquid and push down firmly. The e-liquid enters the cartomizer through the air hole, saturating the filler material from the bottom. Wait several seconds for the e-liquid to soak in before removing the cartomizer, and have a paper towel ready to wipe away any excess e-liquid. Although some people swear by this method of filling cartomizers, I prefer not to use it because of the sticky mess and wasted e-liquid.

Using the Boge 510 Cartomizer

Once you have the cartomizer properly filled, you don’t need to worry about a burned taste as long as you keep the filler material wet. The capillary action naturally draws the e-liquid at the top of the filler material to the heating element at the bottom. You can close the cartomizer up by replacing the white cap or using a 510 drip tip as I’ve done the photo near the top of this review. If you use a standard e-cigarette with a 3.7 volt battery, you can expect the Boge 510 cartomizer to last quite a long time between refills. If you use it at six volts as I do, you’ll want to remove the cap or drip tip and add a few drops of e-liquid every several puffs to keep it from becoming too dry.

Overall, I find the Boge 510 cartomizer to be an excellent product. It has superior vapor production and great purity of flavor, and in my experience, the operation is completely problem-free as long as you fill it properly. I give it my highest recommendation.