Posted January 24, 2013 by Jack Keenan in Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Envy Island Disposable E-Cigarette Review

Envy Island Review
Envy Island Review

Envy Island Disposable E-Cigarette

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In my recent review of the Safe Cig Aurora, I mentioned that 2013 was shaping up to be the year of the disposable e-cigarette. So far, that’s turning out to be true; I’m reviewing one disposable product today and have at least two or three others queued up for review in the upcoming weeks. Up for review today is the Envy Island e-cigarette, a rather standard model that’s going to be familiar to anyone who’s tried a disposable e-cigarette before. What’s different, however, is the flavor selection; while most disposable e-cigarettes are limited to tobacco and menthol flavors, the Envy Island is available in three tropical flavors that are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth.

The three flavors on offer in the Envy Island line are Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Daiquiri and Blueberry Island. I received the Blueberry Island flavor for review. If you try a flavor and decide you’d like to continue using it in a more economical form, Envy sells the same flavors by the bottle for use with its Ego-Tank and NirVana e-cigarettes.

Opening the package reveals a rather large e-cigarette, about as thick as a ballpoint pen and a bit shorter. Envy advertises that it lasts up to 600 puffs, and I don’t doubt that claim. I have been using mine for the last several days while out of the house and it shows no signs of decreasing in vapor production or intensity of flavor.

The flavor, by the way, is easily the primary selling point of the Envy Island disposable e-cigarette. Virtually all e-cigarette vendors — Envy included — source their e-liquid flavors from laboratories in China. Although the products are generally very high quality, the tobacco and menthol flavors tend not to taste so great when compared with their American-made counterparts. The fruit flavors are different; if you like the taste of blueberry, strawberry and orange candies, you’re likely to enjoy the flavors available in the Envy Island e-cigarette line. I like the Blueberry Island flavor and have enjoyed it as a change of pace from my usual tobaccos and menthols. At the 18 mg nicotine strength — the only strength currently available — the Envy Island is more than enough to satisfy my need for nicotine when I’m out and about.

The merits of the Envy Island’s appearance are, I think, up for debate. The blue and green wrap around the e-cigarette features motifs of water and palm trees. It’s a little bit on the gaudy side, and some people might feel a bit strange puffing on the Envy Island in certain environments.

That small issue aside, the Envy Island is an excellent disposable e-cigarette. Thanks to the use of fruit rather than tobacco or menthol flavors, the taste is better than you’ll find in almost any other disposable e-cigarette. The Envy Island produces plenty of vapor with each puff, and the price is quite competitive compared to other disposables. Using the coupon at the top of this review, you’ll get it for under $10 and will get the equivalent nicotine of about two packs of cigarettes. If you prefer disposable e-cigarettes or want to try something inexpensive before you buy a full e-cigarette kit, the Envy Island is definitely worth looking at.