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Innokin iTaste VV E-Cigarette Review

Innokin iTaste VV Review
Innokin iTaste VV Review

Innokin iTaste VV E-Cigarette

Click the link above to view the iTaste VV at Innokin’s website.

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It’s been said by some experts in the tobacco industry that e-cigarettes are in need of further development before smokers will begin to accept them en masse. Some companies use their development budgets in an effort to develop products more like real cigarettes, believing single-use products with soft cartridges are the future. Innokin has gone the other direction, creating something that looks, feels and operates much more like a full-fledged consumer electronics product than an e-cigarette. The iTaste VV isn’t just visually striking; it’s also the smallest and lightest variable-voltage e-cigarette I’ve used to date. Thanks to its removable magnetic atomizer/cartomizer connection, you can also use it with any e-cigarette attachment you like.

iTaste VV Review

About the Innokin iTaste VV

The Innokin iTaste VV comes in three colors: black, white and chameleon. Innokin provided iTaste review samples in the chameleon and white colors. The former is black with a green/purple sheen and the latter is a pearl white commonly seen on luxury cars. I prefer the white iTaste, but both colors are extremely attractive. The iTaste VV is available in long and short versions and includes a tank atomizer and empty tanks or one of several types of cartomizers, depending on the version purchased.

Unlike many e-cigarette mods, the iTaste VV has a non-removable battery. However, this is much less of a problem than you might think; when the battery is dead, you can connect the iTaste to a USB port and continue using it while the battery charges. Because the iTaste is extremely light, using it with the charging cable never seems like much of a chore.

Often, a person interested in buying an e-cigarette mod has already found his favorite atomizer or cartomizer and isn’t interested in changing. Although Innokin has devised its own proprietary attachments for the iTaste, you aren’t required to use them. The iTaste itself has no threading. Instead, it has a small magnetic receptacle to which you can connect adapters for 808, 510, eGo and other popular threading types. The only potential downside of this is the fact that, with some larger attachments, you may not be able to use the pen-style cap that completes the look of the iTaste and allows you to clip it to a pocket.

Innokin iTaste VV Review

The iTaste VV is a variable-voltage device with a range of 3.3 to 5.0 volts. While early versions of the iTaste wouldn’t let you operate at a voltage above the one recommended for the resistance of the connected atomizer or cartomizer, the current version will let you use whatever voltage setting you like — just don’t expect dual-coil cartomizers to work at five volts.

On the bottom of the iTaste VV is a mirrored display that comes to life when you press one of the buttons. Holding the “+” or “-” button shows the number of puffs taken on the iTaste since the last time the counter was reset. After the puff counter disappears, the current voltage is displayed, allowing you to make an adjustment by pressing the button again. Hold both buttons and the iTaste displays the resistance of the connected atomizer or cartomizer followed by a suggested voltage setting. In my experience, the suggestions seem a bit conservative. With a Boge 510 cartomizer connected, the iTaste displayed a resistance of 3.5 ohms and suggested a setting of 4.5 volts. Incidentally, my ProVari says that this particular cartomizer has a resistance of 3.1 ohms, and the cartomizer has no trouble operating at up to six volts.

You may have noticed that the display of the iTaste VV doesn’t tell you the remaining battery life. That’s because it doesn’t have to; the fire button of the iTaste lights up in three different colors to tell you the current status of the battery. If the button lights up green, the battery has more than 25 percent of its charge remaining. The button changes to yellow and red to let you know that you need to find a power source soon.

Although I’ve never dealt with Innokin before now, my impression is that the company truly seems to care about customer feedback. The iTaste VV has already been through revisions to give users the ability to use the full voltage range of the device and to correct a problem with a sticky fire button. The Tidy Clearomizer has also been revised to connect a problem with leaking. As you might imagine, it would be wise for you to confirm a merchant carries the latest version of the iTaste VV before purchasing it.

I found the iTaste VV most enjoyable to use with my own preferred cartomizer, most likely because it provides the performance, flavor and throat hit characteristics I’m used to. That being said, Innokin’s tank system and Tidy clearomizer are no slouches, either. The tank system is a bit low on throat hit, but it manages to deliver plenty of vapor without the plastic flavor inherent in some tank systems. You can’t “chain vape” with it, though; you need to allow time for the e-liquid to flow down to the heating coil between puffs. The Tidy clearomizer is a little more temperamental. I experienced no leaking issues with my review samples, but a few had trouble feeding e-liquid reliably and occasionally produced dry hits. I expect that Innokin will continue to revise it based on customer feedback.

The iTaste VV is no slouch when it comes to battery life. Although it’s a very small device, I was able to dial it up to five volts and use it occasionally for several nights between battery charges. Comparing the iTaste to the ProVari using the same cartomizer and voltage setting, I found that the cartomizer crackled a little more on the ProVari and produced slightly more vapor. If you have no experience using a six-volt device, though, the iTaste isn’t likely to disappoint; it definitely gets close to five volts and absolutely blows the eGo e-cigarette — which is about the same size — out of the water.

So, who is the Innokin iTaste VV for? You’re the ideal iTaste owner if you’re currently using a smaller e-cigarette such as a KR-808 or eGo and want better vapor production but aren’t willing to use something that’s as big as a pocket flashlight. The iTaste VV might be the best looking e-cigarette currently on the market, and there’s definitely nothing else in its size range that delivers five volts of power.