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Innokin Ucan Review

Innokin Ucan Review
Innokin Ucan Review

Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Bottle

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E-liquid storage is a relatively new field in the e-cigarette industry. Although many companies sell empty plastic and glass bottles, these are simply the same bottles those companies use to package their own e-liquids. Until recently, the only attempt I knew of to sell a dedicated e-liquid bottle was Johnson Creek’s ePump. I haven’t tried the ePump, but the design strikes me as flawed because it seems as though it would be very difficult to control the flow of e-liquid. So, while it certainly looks better than the traditional e-liquid squeeze bottle, it’s difficult to say whether it actually¬†works better.

Innokin’s Ucan is an attempt to create an e-liquid bottle that is superior to the traditional e-liquid bottle, both in appearance and function. This three-part stainless steel canister has two threaded sections that comprise the actual e-liquid canister along with a third section that covers the needle at the tip. The Ucan holds about 5-6 ml of e-liquid and has a push button mechanism at the bottom for dispensing e-liquid.

When I examined the Innokin Ucan initially, I wondered whether the lack of rubber or silicone washers would result in e-liquid eventually leaking from the canister. Having gone through at least 30 ml of e-liquid, though, I have yet to experience any leaking issues. The push button, canister threading and needle are all highly resistant to leaking and the Ucan dispenses e-liquid only when I want it to. In addition, the flow of e-liquid is perfect; the Ucan dispenses small droplets when you push the button lightly. When you push more firmly, a small stream of e-liquid is released. Over-filling an atomizer or cartomizer is just about impossible.

The needle tip of the Innokin Ucan is roughly one cm long. If you use a tank or cartomizer with a filling hole, the Ucan should be able to replace a standard needle tip bottle or syringe, making refills easier than ever.

If there’s any drawback to the Ucan, it’s the fact that the top isn’t child-proof. So, if you have a little one who knows how to open bottles, you’ll want to keep the Ucan out of his or her reach. Adults, however, are likely to appreciate the fact that the Ucan is a bit easier to open than most e-liquid bottles.

Overall, the Innokin Ucan is an excellent product. I’ve been using it as my full-time e-liquid bottle since receiving it from Innokin, and it has yet to give me a single problem. If you use a tank or cartomizer with a filling hole and are looking for a more convenient way to fill it, the Ucan is now the best product on the market for that purpose. The Ucan is also a great product if you carry a bottle of e-liquid everywhere and would like to do so with a little more style.