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ProVape ProVari Carrying Case

ProVari Carrying Case Review
ProVari Carrying Case Review

ProVape ProVari Carrying Case

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Until recently, I had no reason to find a storage solution for my ProVari as it was the e-cigarette that I used full-time; there was no reason to ever put it away. When I prepared to write a ProVari Mini review, though, I had a feeling that the higher over-current limit of the Mini would result in superior vapor production and that my original ProVari would soon be retired. I didn’t want to store the ProVari unsafely, so I picked up the ProVari carrying case from ProVape.

ProVape ProVari Carrying Case Review

In terms of build quality, the ProVari carrying case is pretty nice. It’s hard enough to resist damage from dropping and has a nice textured material on the outside. The zipper is rubberized, and on the corner of the carrying case is a loop for a carabiner, which is included. With the ProVari inside, I think the carrying case would be a bit too heavy to attach to a belt. I suppose the carabiner might be nice for storing a key ring, though.

Once you open the ProVari carrying case, it begins to lose its appeal a little; it actually appears to be a carrying case for a digital camera rather than something designed specifically for the ProVari or another electronic cigarette. So, although you certainly can store your ProVari and accessories in the case, nothing fits quite as well as it could.

On one side of the carrying case is a pair of elastic bands that secure your ProVari or ProVape-1. You’ll need to remove the atomizer or cartomizer before storing it; with most attachments, your e-cigarette will be too long to fit in the case. The ProVari Mini, on the other hand, is too short to fit under both bands. You can store the ProVari Mini in the case with a short cartomizer attached.

In the middle of the ProVari carrying case is a flap with three plastic slots that appear to be designed for SD cards. They’re large enough to hold atomizers, cartomizers or drip tips, but most other items such as e-liquid bottles will be too large.

Lastly, the opposite side of the ProVari carrying case has a net for holding larger items. This area is large enough, for example, to hold a couple of spare batteries and a small bottle of e-liquid.

Overall, the ProVari carrying case is a nice item for storing the ProVari, ProVape-1 or another large e-cigarette mod and a few batteries or other accessories. It’s far from perfect, though, because it seems to be designed to hold a digital camera, not an e-cigarette. As a result, its space usage isn’t as efficient as it could be. Nevertheless, the case is attractive and offers plenty of protection for your favorite e-cigarette mod.