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ProVari Mini Electronic Cigarette Review

ProVari Mini Electronic Cigarette Review
ProVari Mini Electronic Cigarette Review

ProVape ProVari Mini Electronic Cigarette

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My original ProVari review was one of the most pleasurable electronic cigarette reviews I’ve ever had the opportunity to write. The ProVari was made entirely in the USA, it was beautiful and it had the most consistent performance and best vapor production I had ever seen. It was the best e-cigarette on the market. ProVape then upgraded its own product by releasing the ProVari V2, which had a slightly higher voltage range and over-current limit, allowing it to support dual-coil cartomizers and low-resistance atomizers at higher voltage settings than before.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, ProVape announced the ProVari Mini, an e-cigarette that was smaller and lighter than the original ProVari without sacrificing any of its features. The ProVari Mini was a tiny e-cigarette that could go all the way up to six volts, delivering all of the vapor and flavor that a dedicated e-smoker needed in a package that could easily fit in a pocket — I had to have one. Does it really deliver vapor just as well as the original ProVari, though? Find out in my ProVari Mini review.

ProVari vs ProVari Mini

ProVari (Background) and ProVari Mini (Foreground)

ProVari Mini: The Bottom Line

No electronic cigarette as small as the ProVari Mini ought to have as much vapor production and battery life as it does. I have been testing the ProVari Mini since ProVape released it back in March — I have never tested any product for so long before writing a review. During that time, I have been constantly amazed by the ability of the ProVari Mini to deliver so much in such a small, attractive package. The ProVari Mini is my everyday e-cigarette, and if you want the best vapor production available anywhere, it should be yours too.

ProVari Mini: General Impressions

The packaging for the ProVari Mini may be spartan, but what’s inside is more than impressive. When I opened the box, the ProVari Mini seemed to small and light that I found it difficult to believe I’d soon be getting six volts of vapor out of it. Although the basic design of the ProVari Mini is similar to that of the ProVari, the differences in size and weight are really quite dramatic when you compare the two side-by-side. A second great improvement in the ProVari Mini is the new texture in the side of the casing, which is slightly rougher than the previous texture. Overall, the ProVari Mini makes a great impression; once again, ProVape has shown incredible attention to fit and finish. The ProVari Mini is stylish, all of the parts fit together tightly and nothing is missing or out of place. I have never seen an electronic cigarette that looks nicer.

ProVari Mini

Using the ProVari Mini

If you aren’t already a ProVari owner, you’ll need to buy a battery charger and at least two batteries to have a complete e-cigarette kit. These items bring the total cost of the ProVari Mini to $194.80. ProVape also sells atomizers and cartomizers, but you can use any 510-threaded attachment already in your collection if you like.

If you have the original ProVari, you can use your existing charger. You can also use your 18490 batteries from the original ProVari if you like by adding a $19.95 extension end cap to your ProVari Mini order. However, it’s important to remember that doing so will give the ProVari Mini the same weight and size as the original ProVari.

Otherwise, using the ProVari Mini is the same as using the original ProVari, to read about this in detail, you can read my original ProVari review or check out the ProVari instruction manual. The ProVari Mini is a single-button device, so you’ll use the one button to produce vapor and to access the e-cigarette’s settings. Simply tap the button five times to open the menu, and continue tapping to advance to another function or to change a setting. Once you get used to it, you’ll find the menu quite intuitive.

ProVari Mini

ProVari Mini: Performance

If you’re already a ProVari owner, the main thing you’ll want to know is whether the ProVari Mini offers the same performance. I’m pleased to report that it does. In fact, I even find the battery life effectively similar to the original ProVari. Since the original ProVari uses a 1100 mAh battery by default and the ProVari Mini uses a 700 mAh battery, the ProVari Mini has about 43 percent less battery life. In practice, however, there isn’t much of a difference at all. With the original ProVari, I always had to change the battery once per day, and every few days I’d have to change it twice. With the ProVari Mini, I always have to change the battery twice per day. With such a small battery and with me almost always using the ProVari Mini at the highest possible voltage setting for the connected atomizer or cartomizer, I would have expected to change the battery more than twice per day.

The thing that impressed me most about the original ProVari was its ability to deliver consistent vapor without a dip in voltage, even as the battery was nearing the end of its charge. Although the ProVari Mini battery is much smaller, I still get that same performance — the first puff produces just as much vapor as the last. I love that.

If you own the first-generation ProVari or simply enjoy reading updates from around the e-cigarette industry, you know that the ProVari Mini carries the new ProVari V2 circuitry. While the original ProVari had a power range of 3.3 to 6.0 volts and an over-current limit of 2.5 amps, the ProVari V2 and ProVari Mini have a range of 2.9 to 6.0 volts and an over-current limit of 3.5 amps. So, what does that mean, exactly? It all comes down to the maximum power the ProVari Mini can produce; with the right hardware and settings, you can get more vapor out of the ProVari Mini than you could with the original ProVari.

With the original ProVari, your best bet was to use a 3.0 ohm high-resistance cartomizer or atomizer, which at 6.0 volts would give you 12 watts of power at 2 amps — well under the over-current limit. Suppose you wanted to use a dual-coil cartomizer, though; lots of people love them because having two heating coils working together can give you significantly more vapor. However, a dual-coil cartomizer has two 3.0 ohm coils working in tandem for an effective resistance of 1.5 ohms. On the original ProVari, you can’t exceed 4.0 volts with a dual-coil cartomizer or you’ll exceed the over-current limit. This only gives you 10.6 watts of power. With the ProVari Mini, you can run a dual-coil cartomizer at up to 5.0 volts, giving you 16.6 watts of power at 3.33 amps. Occasionally, I find that I have to dial a dual-coil cartomizer down to 4.9 volts, but either way I get significantly more vapor than I ever did with a single-coil cartomizer on the original ProVari.

Black ProVari Mini Review

ProVari Mini: Conclusion

With the ProVari Mini, the people at ProVape have truly outdone themselves. If you want the e-cigarette that produces the most vapor and can afford the ProVari Mini, this is definitely the product to buy. It’s the best electronic cigarette that I’ve reviewed to date, and it’s the one that I use every day. If you own the first-generation ProVari and would love it even more if it produced more vapor, I can tell you that everything you’ve heard about the ProVari Mini is true; it’s everything that you loved about the original ProVari, but with better vapor production and a smaller, lighter package. Click below to get yours now.