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V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case Review

V2 Cigs PCC Review
V2 Cigs PCC Review

V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case

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If you follow the e-cigarette industry at all, you may be aware of the fact that V2 Cigs — the world’s largest e-cigarette company by Web traffic — has recently made a number of major changes to its product lineup, website and business processes. V2 reached out to me after making these changes and asked if I’d like to see the new products they’ve been working on. You’re going to see a number of V2 Cigs reviews on this website in the coming weeks, and I’d like to start by talking about an accessory that has me really excited. The new V2 Cigs portable charging case has to be just about the coolest e-cigarette accessory I’ve ever seen. If you’re a V2 customer, read on; after seeing this V2 Cigs charging case review, I think you’re going to agree that the new V2 PCC is a required upgrade.

What is the V2 PCC?

If you use a smaller electronic cigarette such as the V2 e-cigarette, a portable charging case is one of the best accessories you can own.  Incredible advancements have been made in the world of e-cigarette batteries over the past couple of years. Where there was once a time when the most you could expect to get out of a small e-cigarette battery was around 40 puffs, V2 Cigs batteries easily exceed 100 puffs. The largest can even approach 300 puffs. When you leave the house, though, you’re not likely to want to carry spare batteries or a charger, so there’s always a chance that your e-cigarette battery might die before you’re ready to go home and charge it back up. The V2 portable charging case — or PCC — is an accessory that holds your V2 Cigs battery and a few extra cartridges and can bring a dead battery back up to a full charge several times before the case itself needs to be recharged. Essentially, the V2 PCC gives you the ability to protect your electronic cigarette, keep a supply of spare cartridges handy and charge the battery when it dies.

V2 PCC Review

The XL V2 PCC comfortably holds the largest V2 battery and three refill cartridges.

What’s Different About the New V2 Charging Case?

V2 has gone with a completely different design for its new 2012 portable charging case. The old case had a few serious problems. Subjectively speaking, I thought that it felt rather cheap. I also didn’t like the display or the way that items stored in the case rattled around. V2′s largest e-cigarette battery didn’t fit in the old charging case. To make matters worse, if you left your battery in the V2 PCC after the charge cycle was complete, the battery would actually begin to discharge. If you waited long enough, you might actually remove the battery only to find that you needed to charge it again.

The new V2 charging case has none of these problems. First, it has a radical new design concept; instead of resembling a traditional cigarette case, it looks something like a sliding smartphone with a beautiful glossy finish and a smooth spring-loaded action. It looks and feels absolutely wonderful. On the back of the case are two sets of LED indicators that clearly show the current charge level of the V2 PCC’s internal battery and the connected e-cigarette battery. The new V2 PCC has a larger internal battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh or 2300 mAh if you buy the XL charging case, which costs an extra $10 and is required for charging the longest V2 e-cigarette battery. Yes, people who prefer the long V2 battery can finally enjoy the ability to charge on the go.

Using the V2 PCC

To use the V2 PCC, simply place your thumb on the top cover and push gently to slide the case open. Store up to three refill cartridges in the top chamber and screw a battery into the threading in the bottom chamber. Flip the battery down, close the case and hold the button on the bottom until the red light starts to blink. After a moment, some of the red LEDs next to the word “Cig” may go solid if the battery still has a bit of a charge, and one of the LEDs will flash. When all five LEDs go solid, the battery is charged and ready to use.

Maintaining the V2 PCC is equally simple; just press the button briefly any time you want to check the internal battery’s charge level. If you’re down to one LED, it’s time to recharge the case by connecting it to your computer’s USB port or a USB wall charger. When all five blue LEDs are solid, the case is fully charged.

New V2 Charging Case: The Bottom Line

I’ve never been much of a fan of e-cigarette charging cases. So often, they’re designed to look like traditional cigarette packs or cases, and that’s a very inefficient use of space as e-smokers have almost nothing to carry around compared to cigarette smokers. The new V2 PCC does away with that convention by being only large enough to hold a battery, a few cartridges and its own internal battery. I love the sleek, modern design and the internal battery has a much higher capacity than what you’ll find in any competing product. If you’re about to become a V2 Cigs customer, I highly recommend selecting a starter kit that includes this case. If you already own a V2 e-cigarette, the new V2 PCC is definitely an upgrade you need to consider.