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Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture Review
Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture E-Cigarette Kit

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In the beginning, there were electronic cigarettes. Curious smokers tried them and found that they smelled better and could actually taste food again. It was good. However, e-cigarettes had one little problem: most of them were seriously ugly. Virtually every e-cigarette was a utilitarian matte black stick with a non-matching cartridge — hardly something the fashion-forward smoker would want to be seen in public with. Battery performance was also a problem; if you wanted an e-cigarette with a small cigarette-shaped battery, you could generally expect that your nicotine needs would be poorly met.

These days, the KR-808 e-cigarette sold by V2 Cigs is the world’s most popular compromise. It’s available in multiple colors and delivers enough vapor and battery life to satisfy the needs of most smokers while remaining only slightly larger than a real cigarette. The success of V2’s product line made expansion a possibility, and V2 decided the market was ripe for a new product that would better satisfy the needs of stylish female smokers. The result was Vapor Couture, the first e-cigarette designed exclusively for women.

E-Cigarette Review Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture E-Cigarette Kit

About Vapor Couture

Priced at $64.95, the basic Vapor Couture kit includes two batteries, ten cartridges and the required accessories for USB and wall charging. If you spring for the $99.95 Deluxe Kit, you’ll get an extra clutch bag and lanyard, which I’ll go into shortly. The big difference between Vapor Couture and other e-cigarettes, though, is the appearance of the e-cigarette itself. It’s much thinner than most other e-cigarettes, and the colors are decidedly more feminine than the matte black of a typical e-cigarette.

With Vapor Couture, you can also purchase any refill cartridge flavor in any of the four battery colors offered. Many e-cigarette companies color-code their cartridges by flavor, creating the awkward problem of pairing a brown or yellow cartridge with a black battery. You don’t have to mix cartridge and battery colors with Vapor Couture unless you want to.

One aspect of Vapor Couture worth mentioning is the fact that the thin batteries have a completely new type of threading for refill cartridges. This makes V2 Cigs the only source for Vapor Couture refills, and at this time no empty cartridges are available. This means that, for the time being, you’re locked into Vapor Couture’s six flavor lineup. It’s important, therefore, that you like Vapor Couture’s flavors. I received four of them from V2 for testing, and I’ll be describing those shortly. If trying lots of different refill flavors is important to you, look into the main V2 Cigs line, as empty refill cartridges are available.

Vapor Couture E-Cigarette Review

Vapor Couture Clutch Bag

Vapor Couture Review

As with the standard V2 Cigs refill cartridges, my Vapor Couture refills arrived in airtight blister packs. This is always a positive sign, as it prevents the liquid in the cartridge from evaporating or becoming stale in storage. I received four different flavors to test, and decided to start with the Brigitte Bardot-themed Strawberry Champagne. The pleasantly tangy fruit flavor was free of any undesirable chemical notes and I was surprised to find that the thinner battery resulted in no compromise in flavor, vapor production or nicotine sensation compared to the standard V2 Cigs line.

The three other flavors included with my Vapor Couture review kit were Passion Fruit, Bomb Shell and Arctic Mint. I found Arctic Mint a pleasant menthol flavor with strong spearmint notes and just a slight touch of menthol, while Bomb Shell is intended as a replacement for the standard plain tobacco cigarette. Of the four flavors, the only one that might be termed a miss is the Bomb Shell flavor; you might be able to get used to its nutty, somewhat perfumey taste as a replacement for tobacco, but it definitely doesn’t taste like the real thing. A second tobacco flavor called Rodeo Drive is also available, but I’d suggest sticking with the fruity flavors instead. They’re quite nice. Of the four flavors I received, Strawberry Champagne was definitely my favorite.

Vapor Couture batteries have a maximum stated capacity of 150 mAh, which means you’ll get around 70-90 puffs or about the equivalent of half a pack of cigarettes out of a fully charged battery. The charging time for a dead battery is about one hour. Sadly, Vapor Couture batteries are incompatible with V2’s wonderful portable charging case, so you’ll need to find a USB port or power outlet when it’s time to top up. In its place is a nifty leatherette clutch that’s designed not to look out of place with most designer purses. On one side, the Vapor Couture clutch holds two fully assembled e-cigarettes, four extra refill cartridges and a USB charger. The clutch also features a mirror and an extra pocket on the outside for bills, credit cards or other small items. The leather is of the imitation variety, which is a plus if you happen to be vegetarian.

Vapor Couture Review: The Bottom Line

For almost every smoker who wants to switch to electronic cigarettes, I wholeheartedly recommend V2 Cigs as the best brand to try. If you’re looking for the same quality in a more fashion-forward package, Vapor Couture is a no-brainer.