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Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette Review

Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette Review
Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette Review

Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette

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Price: $74.99 with 24-hour mailing guarantee and free Priority Mail shipping.

Updated in May, 2011. The Inferno and Inferno (T) e-cigs were previously separate products; Volcano now sells them as two versions of the same product: the Inferno Drip Kit and Inferno Tank Kit. I have given this review a comprehensive rewrite to cover both kits.

I have tried all of Volcano’s electronic cigarettes. Of these, the Inferno is the flagship model, and it is by far my favorite. Out of all the e-cigs that I have ever used, the Inferno is the most reliable and versatile, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Inferno E-Cig Review

Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette Review

The Inferno e-Cig in its gift box

The Inferno electronic cigarette starter kit costs $74.99, and includes two batteries — one with 1000 mAh of power, and another with 650 mAh and a USB port for pass-through operation (allowing you to vape while you charge the battery). You also get your first bottle of e-liquid — I recommend Menthol Burst — a wall charger, a carrying bag and a nice gift box. Additionally, there are two versions of the package for you to choose from: the Inferno Drip Kit (formerly known as just the Inferno e-Cig), or the Inferno Tank Kit (formerly the Inferno (T)). Each product gives you a slightly different experience. The good news, however, is that because the Inferno e-Cig uses the same batteries and charger regardless of the kit that you purchase, you would only need to spend a little money on accessories to buy the parts to switch between the two kits at will. I own both, and use both in different situations.

Regardless of the kit that you select, one strength of the Inferno e-Cig is that the battery lastsĀ forever. When I switched to electronic cigarettes, I found that my usage pattern changed. Rather than taking ten or so draws and putting it down for a while — emulating the usage pattern of a real cigarette — I tend to take one draw every several minutes. With this usage pattern, I have to charge the larger 1000 mAh battery about every other day. Normally, you have to charge an e-cig battery multiple times daily. To make the deal even sweeter, the second battery has a USB port, allowing you to use it as a pass-through. If your primary battery dies, simply connect the second battery to a USB port and continue vaping all day.

The Inferno e-Cig Drip Kit

Inferno Electronic Cigarette Cisco Magma Atomizers Cone

Inferno e-Cig Drip Kit with cone removed, Magma atomizer (left) and Lava low-resistance atomizer (attached)

The Inferno Drip Kit is the c-cig that I use every day. If you have seen a lot of e-cig advertisements before settling on the Inferno, then you know that most electronic cigarettes use disposable cartridges that are either placed over the atomizer or include a disposable atomizer sealed inside the cartridge. Dripping is an alternative way of using an electronic cigarette, and it is far more reliable.

After charging the Inferno battery, you assemble it by placing the included drip tip on the end of the atomizer and screwing the assembly into the battery before snapping the cone on the end. The Inferno atomizer cone has a wide opening for the drip tip to extend out of. Place a few drops of e-liquid inside the drip tip’s hole, allow a moment for the liquid to settle down inside the heating element, push the button on the manual battery, and draw the vapor into your mouth. From there, it is just like smoking a real cigarette — inhale, and exhale. You’ll get around five long puffs before needing to add more e-liquid.

The benefit of dripping rather than using cartridges is that dripping is far more reliable because you control the supply of e-liquid to the atomizer. With a cartridge, you have to rely on the inner filler material to successfully wick e-liquid down to the atomizer. Often, this happens slowly — or not at all — and it can be difficult to get two good, satisfying puffs in a row. Nothing is more frustrating than an e-cig that doesn’t work, and the Inferno Drip Kit always works as it should.

The magic happens, though, when you couple the Inferno e-Cig with Volcano’s Lava atomizer ($7.99) and XL drip tip ($3.49), turning the Inferno into a low-resistance electronic cigarette. The Inferno is Volcano’s only electronic cigarette that is guaranteed to support low-resistance atomizers without a a decrease in battery life, and the difference between standard-resistance and low-resistance atomizers is like night and day. A low-resistance atomizer produces far more power, leading to more vapor and flavor. If you decide to go with the Inferno Drip Kit, I highly recommend adding these two inexpensive items for the best experience.

The Inferno e-Cig Tank Kit

Inferno (T) Electronic Cigarette Fully Assembled

Inferno e-Cig Tank Kit after inserting the tank

The Inferno Tank Kit is the ultimate in convenience. Formerly called the Inferno (T), this is the e-cig that I use when driving or in other situations when I wouldn’t want to carry a bottle to drip from. For some people, though, it is the ideal choice for an everyday e-cig. Some people simply do not want to bother with dripping; a bottle is one more item to carry, spills can happen if you’re in a hurry, and some just find dripping to be inconvenient. They just want something that works all day with no hassle. If that sounds like you, the Inferno Tank Kit is the best e-cig for your needs.

Rather than the disposable cartridges used by the first generation of electronic cigarettes, the Inferno Tank Kit uses large tanks, which you can either refill or throw away when they are empty. Even with heavy usage, a full tank can last several hours. With light usage, it can last all day. The tank alone holds about 1.1 ml of liquid, and the reservoir inside the atomizer — Volcano calls it the Tank-o-Mizer — holds another 0.3 ml.

The Inferno Tank Kit is easy to set up; simply remove the soft cover from the bottom of the tank, and then remove the hard circular bottom to open the tank. Fill the tank almost to the top, and snap the bottom back on. You can throw the soft stopper away or save it for storing the tank outside of the e-cig. Push the tank firmly into the opening at the top of the Tank-o-Mizer until you feel a “click.” The Tank-o-Mizer creates a hole at the bottom of the tank for e-liquid to drip down. Take a few short puffs with the battery off to prime the Tank-o-Mizer, then push the button and enjoy. You generally only need to prime the Tank-o-Mizer when it is dry.

Empty tanks for the Inferno cost $3.99 for a pack of five, so they are inexpensive enough that you can use each one once and throw it away if you like. However, you can also use a tank for as long as you like by removing the cap and adding e-liquid. Unlike with a cartridge-based electronic cigarette, the Inferno Tank Kit produces vapor consistently and is nearly as reliable as dripping. The difference is in the atomizer resistance; the Tank-o-Mizer is a standard-resistance atomizer, so the vapor produced has slightly less flavor and throat hit than you would get with the Inferno Drip Kit and Lava low-resistance atomizer.

Which Inferno E-Cig Kit Should You Buy?

If I could have one electronic cigarette and one alone, it would be the Volcano Inferno. The Inferno electronic cigarette gets my highest recommendation, and I think that both kits are worth owning. Volcano will include both kits in one package for an extra $15.00. However, most people are probably going to want to pick just one to start with. This is what I suggest.

Buy the Inferno Drip Kit if you:

  • want the experience that feels most like a real cigarette
  • want the most vapor and most intense flavor
  • don’t mind carrying a bottle of liquid

Buy the Inferno Tank Kit if you:

  • want the most convenient and cleanest e-cig available
  • do not want to carry a bottle of e-liquid or feel that it would be inconvenient
  • prefer cooler, more mild tasting vapor