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Volcano Inferno Tank Electronic Cigarette Review

Volcano Inferno-T Electronic Cigarette Review
Volcano Inferno-T Electronic Cigarette Review

Volcano Inferno (T) Electronic Cigarette

(Also known as the Joye eGo-T)

Click the link above to view this product at the manufacturer’s website. Volcano ships within the United States only.

Today, I received a kit from Volcano to convert my Inferno electronic cigarette to the new Inferno (T). The kit consists of two items: the new Inferno atomizer, which Volcano calls the Tank-o-Mizer, and a box of five empty tanks. While the original Inferno is a product intended primarily for dripping, the Inferno (T) caters to the crowd who would rather fill it and forget it.

The Inferno (T) atomizer assembly is built into the cone, which has a small nozzle in the center. The user fills a small plastic tank with a mouthpiece on one end, and inserts it into the cone. The nozzle pierces a small hole in the tank, creating a constant drip into the atomizer reservoir below. The idea is that the Inferno (T) electronic cigarette is supposed to provide the best of both worlds, in that the reservoir system provides vapor consistency similar to dripping along with the convenience of disposable cartridges.

Volcano Inferno (T)

Volcano Inferno (T) Tank-o-Mizer, battery and tank

To fill an Inferno (T) tank, remove the soft plastic stopper from the bottom, and then remove the hard plastic cap. Fill the tank almost completely, replace the cap and insert the tank into the Tank-o-Mizer. Push the button on the Inferno battery and enjoy.

The Inferno (T) tanks are refillable, and one pack of five should last quite a while. Another fun aspect of the tanks is that, if you save your stoppers, you have an easy way to switch from one electronic cigarette liquid to another as your mood changes; simply pull the tank out, replace the stopper and insert a new tank. The old flavor clears out after just a few puffs. If you need to clean the Tank-o-Mizer, remove it from the battery and blow hard through it, using a paper towel to catch the old liquid.

Volcano Inferno (T) Tank

One Inferno (T) tank holds plenty of liquid

From a physical standpoint, the fit and finish of the Inferno (T) are excellent. The Tank-o-Mizer cone looks just like the atomizer cone of the original Inferno. I think I prefer the feel of a round metal drip tip to the whistle tip mouthpiece of the Inferno (T), but that is a small detail. Removing the tank for a refill, I did find that some of the liquid had escaped to the outside of the tank, with a little of it getting on the battery terminal. While the Tank-o-Mizer is more mess-free than dripping or using regular disposable cartridges, you may still have a bit of wiping up to do between tank refills unless you plan to throw your used tanks away after one use. The tanks, by the way, are quite large, holding about 1.1 ml of liquid. The reservoir inside the Tank-o-Mizer holds about another .3 ml. One tank should last even the heaviest vaper for hours.

Inferno (T) Tank with Cover and Cap Removed

Remove the outer cover and inner cap to fill a Volcano Inferno (T) tank

In terms of vapor consistency, the Inferno (T) beats any cartridge-based electronic cigarette that I have tried, hands down. Push the button, and the vapor is there — just like dripping. and none of the completely vapor-less puffs that you sometimes get with a cartridge. I am even finding that after the lengthy break-in period, the Inferno (T) provides a good 85-90% of the experience of dripping with a low-resistance atomizer like the Lava. Expect to drain about five tanks or so to break in the Inferno Tank-o-Mizer fully.

If you are currently using the original Volcano electronic cigarette, the Magma (also known as the 510) or the original Inferno with a Magma/510 atomizer — even if you are dripping — the Inferno (T) is hands-down a superior experience, and I highly recommend stepping up to it. If you are using the original Inferno with a Lava atomizer, though, you have a bit of a decision to make. The Lava atomizer burns a little hotter, producing a little more vapor and a stronger taste. However, using the Lava, you also have to put up with leaks, floods and the occasional burned taste or squirt in the mouth if you use too much or too little liquid. The Inferno (T) gives you most of the benefits of a low-resistance atomizer, with none of the bad taste and mess.

So far, the Volcano Inferno (T) is the most convenient, clean and problem-free electronic cigarette that I have ever used. I love my Lava atomizer, but I also love having the Inferno (T) around for the times when I don’t feel like dripping or carrying a bottle of e-liquid. This product is highly recommended.

Inferno (T) Electronic Cigarette Fully Assembled

The Inferno (T) is a great looking product

A tip: if you use the Inferno (T) electronic cigarette and find the draw to be too tight (i.e. it is difficult to get vapor into your mouth), try removing the o-ring from the battery. This makes the draw significantly easier. I have found that I personally prefer using the Inferno (T) in this fashion.

If you purchase the Inferno (T) and are disappointed with your first impression, don’t give up. Perhaps because of the large amount of primer liquid that the atomizer contains from the factory, it has quite a long break-in period. Expect to drain several tanks before you really start to see the full performance of the atomizer.

Product Links:

Volcano Inferno (T) Starter Kit ($74.99) — Includes free shipping.

Items needed to convert an Inferno Electronic Cigarette to an Inferno (T):

Inferno Tank-o-Mizer ($11.99)

Inferno Blank Tanks ($3.99, pack of 5)

Cartomizer Refill Kit ($3.99, optional)

Total cost of conversion kit: $15.98 – 19.97