Posted July 17, 2011 by Jack Keenan in Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Volcano Magma Mega Clearomizer (New 2011 Version)

Volcano New Magma Mega Clearomizer Cartomizer
Volcano New Magma Mega Clearomizer Cartomizer

Volcano Magma Mega Clearomizer (New 2011 Version)

Click the link above to view this product at the manufacturer’s website. Volcano ships within the United States only.

Price: $12.99, Pack of five

Optional add-on: Volcano Cartomizer Refill Kit, $3.99

Just days after I reviewed the original Volcano Mega Clearomizer — which is currently on sale for $7.99 until they run out of stock — Volcano replaced its original cartomizers and Clearomizers with a new design that they have branded the Magma Cartomizer and Magma Clearomizer, rendering my original review obsolete. I wasn’t crazy about the original Volcano Clearomizer, and I like the low-resistance cartomizer that I recently purchased — and have not reviewed yet — even less. Still, Volcano’s hardware designs have been top-notch of late, so I thought I would give the new design a try.

I’m glad that I did, because Volcano’s new Clearomizer is not only the best cartomizer that I have used to date, but bar none one of the best vaping experiences I have ever had.

Volcano New vs Old Magma Mega Clearomizers

Volcano’s new (left) and old Clearomizers

Volcano’s new Clearomizer looks very much like the old one. You fill it the same way, it holds about the same amount of liquid — a little under 2 ml — and it uses a tank and wick rather than the polyfill that some cartomizers use. The inner core is white rather than black, and it has a red wire that snakes from the bottom to the heating element at the top. However, it definitely doesn’t perform like the old Clearomizer — the new design puts out as much vapor as I get when I drip with the low-resistance Lava atomizer!

In fact, I am shocked that Volcano’s new Clearomizer isn’t low-resistance, given the amount of vapor, flavor and throat hit that it puts out. However, there are some trade-offs with the new Clearomizer compared to dripping with a low-resistance atomizer. Most importantly, I feel that the flavor I get with the Lava atomizer is more pure; I don’t taste anything except my e-liquid. The Clearomizer imparts a bit of a plastic taste to the vapor it produces. The taste might go away with time, but you’re generally going to need to replace any cartomizer after 3-5 uses or so, so you’ll be getting that taste frequently. Secondly, the Clearomizer gets quite hot — when I draw on it, the first bit of vapor that enters my mouth feels very hot on the tongue. Some people might dislike this.

On the other hand, the Clearomizer offers convenience in a way that the Lava atomizer — and dripping in general — does not. After you fill it and put the cap on, there is virtually no chance of leaking as long as you avoid overfilling and do not store the Clearomizer flat on its side. One Mega Clearomizer holds nearly 2 ml of liquid, which is enough to last just about anybody all day. Fill it up once, and you’re done. If you drip, you need to carry a bottle because you need to add more e-liquid every few puffs.

Because of the pure taste of dripping, I can’t see the Clearomizer ever replacing the Lava atomizer for my everyday use. However, I am truly stunned by the vapor and flavor that the Clearomizer puts out. If you are using cartridges, tanks or any other cartomizer, Volcano’s new Clearomizer could easily end up becoming your favorite atomizer. It’s likely to convert a few drippers out there, as well.