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Ares Classic Tobacco

Ares Classic Tobacco E-Liquid Review
Ares Classic Tobacco E-Liquid Review
Ares Classic Tobacco E-Liquid Review


Starting Price: $7.99


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3.5/ 5

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The Good

Unique spice blend may be perfect for e-smokers tired of sweet e-liquids

The Bad

Doesn't taste like tobacco at all

Bottom Line

Ares Classic Tobacco is a mild spice blend with notes of anise, clove, cinnamon and black pepper.

Posted October 25, 2011 by

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Ares Classic Tobacco E-Liquid

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Strength: 11 mg

Size: 10 ml

Price: $7.99 (30 ml available for $20, 120 ml for $71)

Options: 70/30 PG/VG blend

Have you ever had an e-liquid that tasted completely unlike your expectations, but you liked it anyway? Ares Classic Tobacco is like that for me. Classic Tobacco presents an alternative take to the butterscotch-flavored sweet tobacco flavor found in some other Ares liquids; the sweetness is lowered considerably, and there is no detectable butterscotch flavor.

Classic Tobacco is a blend of spice flavors with notes of anise, clove and cinnamon. On the exhale, my wife is adamant that she can smell peppermint. I can’t detect it, but her nose is very sensitive. Although I don’t mind a bit of sweetness in an electronic cigarette liquid, it does start to bother me a bit when an e-liquid is so sweet that you get to a point where you can’t taste anything else. I’m glad to report that Classic Tobacco steers well clear of that sweetness level, tasting quite neutral even with extended use.

As I continued testing the e-liquid, the subtle complexities began to come out and I started detecting new flavor notes that I couldn’t taste before, such as cardamom and black pepper (minus the heat). The overall impression Classic Tobacco creates is very autumn-y, or sort of like drinking chai without the black tea.

The one thing Classic Tobacco doesn’t taste like, though, is tobacco — so don’t order with that expectation. If I were given the task of naming this e-liquid, I might call it something like “Mild Spice” or “Autumn Spice.” If you are looking for a realistic tobacco flavor, this probably isn’t for you. However, if the idea of an e-liquid that strays a little from the norm appeals to you, give Classic Tobacco a try. It is mild and neutral while having enough subtle complexity to never become boring.