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Decadent Vapours American Red

Decadent Vapours American Red E-Liquid Review
Decadent Vapours American Red E-Liquid Review
Decadent Vapours American Red E-Liquid Review


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Total Score
3.5/ 5

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9 total ratings


The Good

Pleasant, slightly sweet taste

The Bad

Doesn't resemble actual tobacco

Bottom Line

American Red doesn’t taste like tobacco, but that doesn’t stop it from being a satisfying e-liquid.

Posted October 20, 2012 by

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Decadent Vapours American Red E-Liquid

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Have you ever tried an e-liquid with such a non-specific flavor that only its name clues you in as to what it’s supposed to taste like? American Red by Decadent Vapours is one of those e-liquids for me. Although it’s about as far from a realistic tobacco e-liquid as you could possibly get, I’ve liked it so much that I’ve found it difficult to put down since I began testing it.

Decadent Vapours is an e-liquid company based in Swansea in the United Kingdom. According to the website, DV produces e-liquids using only food-grade flavorings sourced from within the UK, and they’re famous — infamous? — for being perhaps the first e-liquid company to produce savory flavors such as Roast Beef. I was recently contacted by Decadent Vapours via email; they asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their e-liquids and I quickly agreed. American Red is the first of ten Decadent Vapours e-liquids I’ll be reviewing over the coming months.

Opening the bottle and smelling the contents, I don’t really get much from American Red e-liquid except the scent of the nicotine. This is a thin e-liquid that soaks into the filler material of my Boge 510 cartomizer quickly. It may not be entirely based on propylene glycol, but PG makes up at least 85-90 percent of the base. Vaping it, American Red creates a large volume of vapor with an assertive throat hit that doesn’t knock you back but creates a pleasant tingle in the throat that leaves you wanting more.

As much as this e-liquid has going for it, it has to be noted that American Red doesn’t taste anything like tobacco. It isn’t like one of those e-liquids that uses a combination of different flavors to suggest tobacco and doesn’t get the blend quite right — it’s so far from the mark that if it didn’t have “tobacco” in the name, you wouldn’t know what it was supposed to taste like.

However, this is one of those cases where a company has missed the mark on a tobacco e-liquid but ended up with something still worthwhile in its own right. Exactly what American Red e-liquid tastes like, though, is open for debate. My wife — who doesn’t smoke or vape — thinks it smells like a baked good. I think it tastes vaguely fruity. We both agree that it’s nothing like tobacco. Nevertheless, I find the taste so agreeable and the throat hit so satisfying that I’ve had little desire to vape anything else since I first picked it up.