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eLiquid Planet Chocolate

eLiquid Planet Chocolate Electronic Cigarette Liquid
eLiquid Planet Chocolate Electronic Cigarette Liquid
eLiquid Planet Chocolate Electronic Cigarette Liquid


Starting Price: $6.99
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Doesn't taste like any chocolate you'd want to eat

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eLiquid Planet’s chocolate electronic cigarette liquid tastes something like a chocolate chip — not something I particularly enjoy on its own.

Posted December 31, 2010 by

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eLiquid Planet Chocolate E-Liquid

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Chocolate is a flavor that some food lovers are incredibly passionate about. Chocolate can express the characteristics of the land in which it is grown, and the processing — How much milk? How much sugar? — can greatly influence the final result. eLiquid Planet’s Chocolate electronic cigarette liquid is a chocolate flavor that attempts to strike the best possible balance for all chocolate lovers.

For me, this chocolate electronic cigarette liquid has a taste that isn’t quite like any actual chocolate that I have eaten, though the flavor is unmistakably chocolate-like. Overall, I think that the taste is closest to that of a semi-sweet chocolate morsel. Not bad, but probably not an electronic cigarette flavor that I would buy again, either.

For those sensitive to PG, eLiquid Planet also makes a VG-based version of its Chocolate electronic cigarette liquid. This liquid costs $10.99 for a 15 ml bottle. Additionally, if you would rather not pay the price of a full bottle, you can also get Chocolate as part of a five-bottle assortment that also includes Vanilla, RY4, Clove and Ginger. This assortment has five 5 ml bottles and costs $19.95.

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