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ePipeMods Long Bottom Leaf

ePipeMods Long Bottom Leaf E-Liquid Review
ePipeMods Long Bottom Leaf E-Liquid Review
ePipeMods Long Bottom Leaf E-Liquid Review


Starting Price: $15.99


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4.5/ 5

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12 total ratings


The Good

Surprisingly believable flavor and mouth feel on e-Pipe devices

The Bad

Some conventional e-cigarettes might accentuate an undesirable "perfume" note

Bottom Line

It isn’t perfect, but Long Bottom leaf is my new personal standard for pipe tobacco e-liquids.

Posted June 17, 2013 by

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Since I began reviewing e-liquids in 2010, I’ve always had a casual policy that all of my e-liquids should be tested on the same equipment. I do this because I believe it’s the easiest way to make direct comparisons between e-liquids. Today, however, I’m breaking this policy and conducting my first ever e-liquid review on an e-Pipe. Why am I doing this? Because the e-liquid I’m reviewing is Long Bottom Leaf, a product from the ePipeMods.com “Pipe Sauce” line.

I had long been fascinated by the e-Pipes sold by ePipeMods. While they looked quite beautiful, I was hesitant to spend money on one when I knew there was no possible way they could offer the performance of my usual ProVari Mini. My lovely wife, noting this fascination, decided to make the decision an easier one by buying an e-Pipe and e-liquid assortment for me as a Father’s Day gift. Although I’ll be reviewing the e-Pipe in greater detail in the future, for now I’ll simply say that the experience has been even more enjoyable than I expected.

If you’ve read Tolkien, you know how much his love of pipe smoking permeated his books; he described the relaxing experience of smoking a pipe in great detail, and that’s the inspiration ePipeMods used when creating this “Hobbit-grown leaf” with a “relaxing, full-bodied vape.”

Long Bottom Leaf definitely seems like an e-liquid that was born to be vaped in an e-Pipe. Although the thick, almost all-VG e-liquid would clog some types of small cartomizers, it soaks into the filler material of a wide dual-coal eGo cartomizer easily. The vapor has quite a distance to travel from the heating coil through the pipe stem, but when it reaches my mouth it still feels full and satisfying.

In the bottle, Long Bottom Leaf smells a bit like perfume. I’ve definitely smelled this tobacco base before, and I’m not sure that I liked it. However, the long pipe stem changes the character of the flavor completely, leaving nothing but a savory, almost tea-like flavor to accompany the cool and surprisingly thick vapor. I’ve tried pipe tobacco e-liquids that smelled more realistic than this one, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried one that tasted better.

Is Long Bottom Leaf from ePipeMods an e-liquid that’s going to make you forget pipe tobacco forever if you’re using a more conventional e-cigarette? It’s hard to say; Long Bottom Leaf was clearly designed for an e-Pipe and it’s hard to separate the two. A higher-powered device like the ProVari might accentuate undesirable flavor notes. As an e-liquid for an e-Pipe, though, Long Bottom Leaf has set the standard to which I’ll be comparing all pipe e-liquids in the future.