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Halo Longhorn

Halo Longhorn E-Liquid Review
Halo Longhorn E-Liquid Review
Halo Longhorn E-Liquid Review


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Reminiscent of Halo's classic Freedom Juice, with flue-cured and cigar tobacco flavors added

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Bottom Line

If you like Halo Freedom Juice, you’ll love Longhorn.

Posted October 6, 2012 by

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Halo Longhorn E-Liquid

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Halo has been a flurry of activity recently. Starting with the release of Belgian Cocoa in May, the company has released a total of seven new e-liquids in nearly as many months. When I first discovered Halo a little over a year ago, the company barely had that many e-liquids in total. With such rapid expansion, the concern is that Halo could dilute its e-liquid line with a lack of compelling flavors simply in an attempt to get money from its dedicated customers who are willing to pay for each new flavor. However, that hasn’t been the case; Mystic Menthol and Turkish Tobacco — two newcomers to the Halo lineup — are possibly the best menthol and tobacco flavors Halo has ever released. So needless to say, I requested a sample of Halo’s new Longhorn e-liquid with some anticipation.

When I received the bottle of Longhorn e-liquid from Halo, my wife smelled it and immediately said, “smells like a cleaner Freedom Juice.” Indeed, the smell is extremely similar, and I believe I can taste a bit of Freedom Juice in the e-liquid as well. However, that’s where the similarities end. To create Longhorn, I believe that Halo may have combined some flavor element of the Freedom Juice e-liquid with one — and possibly two — other flavors. The first flavor I taste is a flue-cured tobacco, very similar to the e-liquid of the same name by Intellicig USA. If you’ve been reading this website for a while, you might recall that I adored the Flue-Cured Tobacco e-liquid and gave it a perfect score.

The second additional flavor seems to be that of cigar tobacco. I’m not certain whether a cigar flavor was actually added to Longhorn e-liquid or it’s just the flavor suggested by the combination of the Freedom Juice and flue-cured tobacco flavors. Either way, “cigar tobacco” is definitely the overall flavor profile I get when vaping Halo Longhorn. While it’s not going to convince you that you’re actually smoking a cigar, it’s a great twist that fans of Halo’s classic Freedom Juice e-liquid are going to love.


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