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Halo Torque 56

Halo Torque 56 Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid
Halo Torque 56 Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid
Halo Torque 56 Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid


Starting Price: $5.99


Throat Hit

Personal Slant

Total Score
4/ 5

User Rating
7 total ratings


The Good

Throat hit, vapor production and aroma all reminiscent of a real cigarette

The Bad

Flavor quality a bit lacking

Bottom Line

Halo Torque 56 e-liquid is supposed to taste like a strong, unfiltered tobacco cigarette. Does it deliver?

Posted May 18, 2011 by

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Halo Torque 56 E-Liquid

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Strength: 18 mg

Size: 15 ml

Price: $19.99 (7 ml also available for $5.99)

I’m afraid that my recent test of Halo Freedom Juice might have spoiled me. Freedom Juice was a truly remarkable representation of a real tobacco cigarette, I thought, and I gave it the second perfect score that I have given out on eDripping to date. According to a survey on the Halo Cigs website, Torque 56 is even more popular with Halo customers than Freedom Juice. I was looking forward to trying this one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as Halo’s other customers. There a certain taste in Torque 56. It’s one that I also detected in Volcano’s USA-made Menthol and Vapure Dry Blend Menthol. I’m not sure if what I’m tasting is a flavoring agent that’s supposed to taste like tobacco — which it really doesn’t — or a chemical to enhance throat hit. Either way, it’s a taste that I don’t like. It must be said, though, that Torque 56 is infinitely better than either of those other two e-liquids.

Torque 56 definitely tastes reminiscent of a cigarette, and I might have given it a slightly better rating had I not just tasted and been so pleased with Freedom Juice. Burned coffee and vanilla are the two strongest flavors that I detect, along with what I can only identify as grape — even though there is almost certainly no fruit flavoring in this e-liquid.

Vapor production and throat hit are both off the charts with Torque 56. Because this e-liquid is supposed to resemble a full-flavored or unfiltered cigarette, Halo really went all-out with the TH on this one. If throat hit is a priority for you, this would definitely be an e-liquid to add to your to-try list.

For everyone else, though, I’m going to have to stick with Freedom Juice as my recommendation for someone looking for the best tobacco e-liquid. That’s going to be one of my go-to e-liquids for a while. I should also mention that the smell of Torque 56 tends to linger in the air for a while unlike other e-liquids, which usually dissipate pretty quickly. The smell does resemble smoke quite a bit. My wife actually asked me to stop using it. Those of you who work in offices kind enough to allow e-cig puffing might want to leave the Torque 56 at home.


    Marc Foumberg

    I found Torque to be very profound in flavor. At first, I would have rated it as a 3. By the time I got to a 2nd cartomizer, the taste grew on me & I would call it a 4.

    This is a strong, pure tobacco flavor. It dosent seem like a cigarette flavor to me. But more like a raw, unaltered tabacco. Similar to pipe or cigar.

    I would also describe it as tasting: rich, raw tobacco with a semi bitter after taste. Great throat hit!

    Kurt Simmons

    Torque 56 is certainly an acquired taste and if I’m being honest took a while for me to get used to. The first time I ever tried it the juice was in a Clearo at a Vape store and was horrid. A few weeks later I tried it again and it was almost as bad the second time, and “almost” is important here. The third time I tried it, I realized it was not too bad and decided to purchase a small bottle of it just to try in my own hardware. I got it home and loaded the juice into a Vivi Mini and I’ve now gone thru countless 30 Mil bottles of the stuff. In fact I’ve started making my own juice just to try my hand at duplicating this flavor and save a few bucks along the way. Yes, the throat hit and Vapor are amazing with this juice but in my opinion the flavor is totally amazing, however it did take a while and the right hardware for this to become reality for me. If not for these particular circumstances I may not have ever given it a second shot. Interestingly enough the recipe I’ve come up with “so far” is strikingly familiar to Torque and that has made me one Happy, Happy, Happy camper.


    I bought the tobacco sampler from Halo and love them all…Torque56 is my favorite of the bunch, just perfect.

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