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Intellicig ECOpure Menthol

Intellicig ECOpure Menthol E-Liquid Review
Intellicig ECOpure Menthol E-Liquid Review
Intellicig ECOpure Menthol E-Liquid Review


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4.5/ 5

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The Good

Clean, neutral flavor should please most people looking for a mild, pure e-liquid

The Bad

Strength of the menthol isn't particularly high

Bottom Line

ECOPure Menthol is neutral, mild and clean — if only it had a bit more menthol.

Posted March 3, 2012 by

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Intellicig ECOpure Menthol E-Liquid

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Strength: 15 mg

Size: 10 ml (also 20 and 30 ml, quantity discounts available)

I first heard about Intellicig’s ECOpure line through Virgin Vapor, an organic e-liquid company I’ve been reviewing recently. Apparently, Virgin Vapor’s new ECO e-liquids use flavorless ECOpure e-liquid as a base, so I became curious and asked Intellicig if they wouldn’t mind sending a few samples for me to try. The first sample I’ll be testing is the ECOpure Menthol e-liquid, and after a few days of using it I have to say that it’s highly intriguing.

The ECOpure line uses a nicotine extraction that is 99.82% pure according to laboratory analysis, and the difference is supposedly one that is quite evident when you taste the e-liquid. I can only make an apples-to-apples comparison by testing ECOpure vs. non-ECOpure nicotine using an e-liquid that I’m intimately familiar with, which I’ll be doing soon. Since this e-liquid is only available as part of the ECOpure line, I’ll have to review it on its own merits alone.

The idea behind the ECOpure line is to create an e-liquid as free of artificial flavors, artificial colors and other unnecessary chemicals as possible. As such, this e-liquid doesn’t even contain propylene glycol; it is 100-percent vegetable glycerin. So, if you’ve ever experienced sensitivities or other adverse reactions when using certain e-liquids, this is probably a product you should consider trying.

Intellicig’s ECOpure Menthol is such a neutral e-liquid that I actually feel as though the taste of the vegetable glycerin is more evident than that of any added flavorings. When I opened the bottle and gave it a quick sniff, I thought it smelled a bit like Volcano’s Menthol Burst e-liquid. However, the similarities end there. Vaping this e-liquid at six volts with my ProVari, the first taste I get is that of the vegetable glycerin — pleasant, neutral, slightly sweet. Under that, I taste something that reminds me quite strongly of tobacco; it’s warm and creates a slightly tingly sensation on the tongue, almost like soda. The similarity to tobacco is more of a physical sensation than an actual taste. As I try more of the ECOpure e-liquids, I’ll get to know them better and I’ll figure out whether that taste comes from the ECOpure nicotine extract.

I also find that the throat hit seems to be of a slightly different character than what I get from other e-liquids. The throat sensation that I get from the ECOpure Menthol e-liquid has more of a “scratchy” quality; in fact, I coughed a little when I took my first puff, which is rare for me. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying ECOpure e-liquids, though; I quickly got used to it and stopped noticing the difference.

What I don’t taste in this e-liquid, unfortunately, is much menthol. With such a pleasantly neutral flavor, ECOpure Menthol would have qualified as an “all-day vape” for a menthol lover like myself if it actually had a good amount of menthol, but I would call the amount of menthol in this e-liquid “low to very low.”

On the other hand, I’m certain there are plenty of people out there who like menthol e-liquids but don’t need a strong menthol punch, and for those people, ECOpure Menthol is definitely an e-liquid you should think about trying.