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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Black Cherry

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Black Cherry e-Liquid
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Black Cherry e-Liquid
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Black Cherry e-Liquid


Starting Price: $9.95


Throat Hit

Personal Slant

Total Score
3/ 5

User Rating
4 total ratings


The Good

Nice cherry flavor; the same kind you might find in some black cherry sweets

The Bad

Cherry flavor is artificial and does have some medicinal notes

Bottom Line

Johnson Creek Black Cherry is high on throat hit and low on sweetness. I enjoyed it.

Posted August 6, 2011 by

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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Black Cherry E-Liquid

Click the link above to view this product at the manufacturer’s website.

Strength: 18 mg

Size: 15 ml

Price: $9.95 (30 ml available for $19.95)

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice is an e-liquid manufacturer with quite a bit of brand recognition, and I have been meaning for a while to give their products a try. I have essentially ordered one of everything that they make, so be prepared for while a bit of Johnson Creek-related content over the coming weeks.

One of the things that impressed me from the get-go was the awesome packaging. Johnson Creek uses amber glass bottles for shipping e-liquid. Each bottle comes with both a child-proof safety top and a glass eyedropper top — an add-on that some manufacturers charge extra for. As if that weren’t enough, each bottle also includes a small plastic squeeze bottle with a size of around 3 ml or so. So, regardless of your preferred method for getting e-liquid into your e-cig, Johnson Creek has you covered and you don’t pay extra for it. Big plus there.

I’ve given preliminary tests to four different Johnson Creek e-liquids so far, and although it is a little early for me to form an overall opinion of the company’s approach to e-liquids, I definitely feel so far like this is a company for people who like an e-liquid with a really powerful throat hit. I have been buying 18 mg nicotine e-liquids from Halo for a while, but the Johnson Creek liquids are a much more intense experience. They even make 24 mg e-liquids, but I wouldn’t dare. The 18 mg liquid already has me feeling a bit woozy.

For its original line of smoke juices, Johnson Creek uses a mix of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). I am guessing that the mix is approximately 85-15 in favor of PG. Although the company does not disclose the exact mix, each bottle does include a list of ingredients and a lot number for quality control — two features that I expect will become more common as the e-cig industry becomes more standardized and regulated. The Red Oak e-liquid line is available for customers who prefer VG or are sensitive to PG.

If you like cherry-flavored candies and juices, Johnson Creek Black Cherry might just surprise you. The smell of this e-liquid is incredibly appealing, much like black cherry ice cream. The flavor, however, is warm, muted and not quite as sweet as one might expect from a fruit-flavored e-liquid. I taste some medicinal notes, a bit like cough syrup. The primary taste is very nice, though, and I came away from this bottle with the opinion that Johnson Creek has the best take on a cherry e-liquid that I have tried so far.

Fruit is generally not my first vaping choice, but the fact that Johnson Creek chose to limit the sweetness really has me sold on the Black Cherry e-liquid. If you like the idea of a fruity e-cig experience but have been put off by the sugary taste of other fruit e-liquids, I think that this one might be a good choice for you.