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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Domestic

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Domestic E-Liquid Review
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Domestic E-Liquid Review
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Domestic E-Liquid Review


Starting Price: $9.95


Throat Hit

Personal Slant

Total Score
2.5/ 5

User Rating
8 total ratings


The Good

Salt makes for an interesting addition to Johnson Creek's sweet tobacco flavor

The Bad

The actual tobacco flavor is below the industry average

Bottom Line

Domestic is a slightly above average tobacco e-liquid. Sadly, it’s also a bit boring.

Posted November 24, 2011 by

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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Domestic E-Liquid

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Strength: 18 mg

Size: 15 ml

Price: $9.95 ($19.95 for 30 ml)

Domestic is a sweet tobacco e-liquid with a flavor note that I’ve never detected before in my reviews: salt. Although Johnson Creek doesn’t advertise this as one of the flavors in the e-liquid, it definitely seems to be there and it’s strong enough that my wife could smell it.

Aside from the salty flavor note, there’s nothing particularly unique about Domestic in comparison with Johnson Creek’s other e-liquids. It has the same sweet tobacco base flavor as many of Johnson Creek’s other products — the only thing really setting it apart is the fact that it is a Red Oak product, which means that the base liquid is 100-percent vegetable glycerin. This may make it an attractive product for anyone with a sensitivity to propylene glycol or who prefers the higher vapor production and slightly muted flavor of VG-based e-liquids.

Domestic seems to have a somewhat low throat hit in comparison with other 18mg e-liquids. The flavor is somewhat sweet — but not too sweet — and has a flavor that slightly resembles tobacco. However, I like Johnson Creek’s interpretation of “tobacco” flavor far less than I do other products such as Halo Freedom Juice. I consider Domestic e-liquid to be slightly above average, but it’s so far down the list of my favorite tobacco e-liquids that I really can’t give it a strong recommendation.