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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice J. C. Original

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice J C Original E-Liquid Review
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice J C Original E-Liquid Review
Johnson Creek Smoke Juice J C Original E-Liquid Review


Starting Price: $9.95


Throat Hit

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Total Score
3/ 5

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7 total ratings


The Good

Nut-and-honey combination is an enjoyable alternative to tobacco flavors

The Bad

Not a realistic tobacco flavor, becomes a bit boring with time

Bottom Line

J. C. Original has a neutral, slightly sweet flavor that unfortunately fails to keep me interested.

Posted September 22, 2011 by

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Johnson Creek Smoke Juice J. C. Original E-Liquid

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Strength: 18 mg

Size: 15 ml

Price: $9.95 (30 ml also available for $19.95)

J. C. Original is the basic tobacco-flavored e-liquid from Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, and judging from the Johnson Creek e-liquids that I have tried so far, it is something of a base flavor for many of the company’s products. If you’ve read any other reviews or forum posts regarding Johnson Creek, you’ll find that people’s opinions are quite divided about the quality of this base flavor — and my opinion is a bit divided, too.

If you’re looking for a tobacco e-liquid that tastes similar to a real cigarette, I don’t think that this is the one. See my review of Halo Freedom Juice for an e-liquid that fits the bill a bit better in my opinion. On the other hand, J. C. Original has a flavor that is fairly neutral and enjoyable; sort of a nuts-and-honey combination.

At the 18 mg nicotine level, it packs plenty of punch; I don’t think that anyone will complain about a lack of throat hit. However, the quantity of vapor seems a bit on the low side compared to some of the other liquids I enjoy. J. C. Original contains a mix of VG and PG, and I suspect that the slight lack of vapor production is the result of a mix that favors propylene glycol more heavily than some other e-liquids — this might be a 90/10 mix as opposed to the 85/15 and 80/20 mixes that seem to be common recently.

I am solidly middle-of-the-road about J. C. Original. Its throat hit does an excellent job of satisfying the nicotine cravings, and it has just a slight bit of sweetness that quickly fades from the tongue after you exhale it. It has all of the makings of a good tobacco-flavored e-liquid but there’s just nothing notable about it at all. While others may find it to be a solid everyday e-liquid, I find it a bit dull. It works far better as a base flavor with other elements added; see Johnson Creek’s Summer Peach for an example that works quite well.