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Prime Vaping PV4

Prime Vaping PV4 E-Liquid Review
Prime Vaping PV4 E-Liquid Review
Prime Vaping PV4 E-Liquid Review


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4/ 5

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The Good

Tobacco and coffee add much-needed bitter notes to the sweet RY4 base

The Bad

Vapor production is a little low

Bottom Line

PV4 is a breath of fresh air for e-smokers who find RY4-based e-liquids overly sweet.

Posted August 5, 2012 by

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Prime Vaping PV4 E-Liquid

Click the link above to view this product at the manufacturer’s website. Prime Vaping ships to the United States and Canada.

I’ve been writing e-liquid reviews on eDripping.com for nearly two years now, and in all that time there’s one aspect of the e-cigarette hobby that I’ve never quite understood: why so many people love RY4. When Ruyan invented the electronic cigarette, they set about creating various e-liquid blends and numbering them RY1, RY2 and so on. RY4 seems to be the only blend that has stood the test of time. Practically every e-liquid vendor in the United States has their own version of RY4, and if you run a quick search for “RY4″ using the field near the top of this page you’ll see that I just about always give them neutral or negative reviews. Why? Because I just don’t get RY4. It’s a blend of vanilla and caramel, and somehow you’re supposed to interpret that combination as “tobacco.” I sure don’t taste tobacco. I taste candy — and often, bad candy at that. Well, folks, Prime Vaping PV4 is about to change all that, because it’s an RY4 e-liquid that actually has tobacco.

Note: Jon from Prime Vaping got in touch to let me know that he feels “tobacco absolute” is not an accurate term for his company’s tobacco extract. He prefers that it simply be called an “extract.”

Prime Vaping’s major selling point is its own tobacco extract, which the company produces in-house. On its own, tobacco absolute doesn’t really taste like tobacco — it’s slightly bitter with a distinct “ashtray” aftertaste. Mixed with the right combination of other flavors, though, tobacco absolute does lend a distinctly cigarette-like flavor to an e-liquid. PV4, more than any Prime Vaping e-liquid I’ve tried to date, gets that proportion right. The “ashtray” taste might become a bit disconcerting as your atomizer or cartomizer starts to run dry, but for the most part PV4 produces a very nice tobacco flavor.

As I mentioned above, the typical RY4 e-liquid contains a mix of vanilla and caramel flavors. Prime Vaping PV4 has both of these flavor notes, and along with the tobacco absolute it contains a second flavor I’ve not detected in an RY4 e-liquid before: coffee. The coffee note adds a slight touch of bitterness that the very sweet RY4 has always needed.

The only real knock against Prime Vaping PV4 is the vapor production, which is a bit less than I’d expect from an e-liquid with 30 percent vegetable glycerin. Either way, though, PV4 is by far the best RY4-inspired e-liquid I’ve ever reviewed. If you’ve tried an RY4 e-liquid in the past and wished that it had some tobacco flavor to balance out the sweetness, Prime Vaping PV4 is an e-liquid you should try.