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Safe Cig Micro Menthol Cartomizer

Safe Cig Micro Menthol Cartomizer Review
Safe Cig Micro Menthol Cartomizer Review
Safe Cig Micro Menthol Cartomizer Review


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A strong chemical aftertaste ruins the experience of using Safe Cig’s Menthol flavor.

Posted January 19, 2012 by

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To date, I have been extremely pleased with the initial batch of products that Safe Cig sent me for review purposes. I have found all of the tobacco flavors — particularly Safe Cig’s Turkish flavor — to be quite high-quality and very satisfying. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Safe Cig Menthol.

I taste three primary flavor notes in the Safe Cig Menthol cartomizer. On the inhale, I taste strong notes of peppermint and menthol. I can also taste a bit of tobacco flavor, primarily on the exhale. The level of menthol is actually fairly high and quite discernible in spite of the little cartomizer’s small size.

The thing that surprises me about Safe Cig’s Menthol flavor is the fact that it has almost no throat hit even though the nicotine strength is 18 mg — and aside from my recent tests of Safe Cig’s e-liquid flavors, I have been vaping almost exclusively 8 mg e-liquids lately. This cartomizer should be blowing me away with throat hit, and it really isn’t.

Making matters worse is the fact that I keep tasting an off flavor — something I can only describe as “chemical” — that I strongly dislike. In fact, it makes me feel a bit ill. For me, Safe Cig’s other flavors have been definite winners, but this one isn’t working for me at all. Not recommended.

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