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Up in Vapor Tiger’s Blood

Up in Vapor Tigers Blood E-Liquid Review
Up in Vapor Tigers Blood E-Liquid Review
Up in Vapor Tigers Blood E-Liquid Review


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Throat Hit

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Total Score
3.5/ 5

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The Good

Pleasant, sweet tropical candy flavor

The Bad

Individual flavor notes are a little muddled

Bottom Line

Tiger’s Blood is an enjoyable e-liquid but could be better if the flavors were more well defined.

Posted October 7, 2012 by

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Up in Vapor Tiger’s Blood E-Liquid

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Hawaiians must have had a laugh when actor Charlie Sheen famously quipped that he was impervious to the negative effects of various substances due to the presence of “tiger’s blood” in his veins. Tiger’s blood is also a flavor of the popular Hawaiian treat, shaved ice. Up in Vapor has attempted to recreate that mix of strawberry and coconut flavors in its e-liquid of the same name, and while I don’t find the flavor particularly exciting, there’s plenty to like about it.

Off the bat, I was impressed by the vapor production and throat hit of Tiger’s Blood e-liquid. After a few days, though, I noticed that both were a bit diminished. I use a new Boge 510 cartomizer for every e-liquid review I write, so luck of the draw is definitely a factor here; I could have a cartomizer that’s simply begun to die early, or Tiger’s Blood could be an e-liquid that leaves a lot of residue on the coil.

Vaping Tiger’s Blood e-liquid, I can definitely taste the strawberry and coconut flavors. Both flavors taste fairly artificial — like candy — and neither is particularly well defined. The two flavors essentially meld into a non-specific fruit candy flavor. When the assertive throat hit is taken into account, the overall effect of this e-liquid is definitely good. I’ve been testing it for several days and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d have enjoyed it even more, though, if the individual flavors were a little better defined. Tiger’s Blood tastes nice, but the overall flavor is still essentially “tropical candy with throat hit.”


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