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Vapure Blueberry

Vapure Blueberry Electronic Cigarette Liquid
Vapure Blueberry Electronic Cigarette Liquid
Vapure Blueberry Electronic Cigarette Liquid




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The Good

Blueberry flavor is nice enough, and isn't too sweet

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Artificial flavor

Bottom Line

Vapure’s Blueberry electronic cigarette liquid is a fairly realistic approximation of real blueberry flavor.

Posted December 12, 2010 by

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Vapure Blueberry E-Liquid

Strength: 11 mg

Size: 5 ml

Price: $4.95

Quantity Discount: No

Coupon: No

A little shop across the street from me recently started carrying electronic cigarettes and liquids, so I stopped in one day to try a couple of bottles out. The store carries the Vapure brand, which I hadn’t heard of previously. I asked for the Blackberry flavor — as you can see, the box clearly says “Blackberry” — but the bottle inside is a bottle of Vapure’s Blueberry electronic cigarette liquid. In any case, I like blueberries well enough and gave it a try.

This shop carries only vegetable glycerin (VG)-based liquids, so in the process of trying the Vapure Blueberry electronic cigarette liquid, I had my first experience with pure VG. It isn’t really an apples-to-apples comparison, since the flavor is nothing like any PG-based liquid that I have tried, overall I found the liquid pleasant. The blueberry flavor is quite realistic and not overpowering or too sweet. My only issue is that the VG-based liquid is much thicker than what I am used to, meaning that one must draw a little harder on the electronic cigarette to get vapor out.

If you enjoy fruity electronic cigarette liquids, the Vapure Blueberry electronic cigarette liquid is a fairly enjoyable one and I’d recommend trying it. For me, there was nothing particularly notable about the flavor, but I will enjoy using it from time to time as a change of pace from my regular flavors.