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Virgin Vapor Black Cherry Marshmallow

Virgin Vapor Black Cherry Marshmallow E-Liquid Review
Virgin Vapor Black Cherry Marshmallow E-Liquid Review
Virgin Vapor Black Cherry Marshmallow E-Liquid Review


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4.5/ 5

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The Good

Extremely realistic and pleasant cherry flavor

The Bad

A little on the mild side

Bottom Line

It may be mild, but Black Cherry Marshmallow is perhaps the most realistic cherry e-liquid you’ll find anywhere.

Posted September 22, 2012 by

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Virgin Vapor Black Cherry Marshmallow E-Liquid

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Virgin Vapor has to be one of the most interesting e-liquid companies I’ve ever dealt with. Since the company flavors its e-liquids with only natural, organic flavors, all of their e-liquids actually taste like what they’re named after. That’s a good thing, of course, but sometimes it can produce some unexpected results. Take Virgin Vapor’s Luscious Lime e-liquid, for example. It certainly had the most realistic citrus flavor I’ve ever tasted in an e-liquid, but without a sweetener or additional flavors, the taste ended up reminding me more of furniture polish than actual limes.

Black Cherry Marshmallow is consistently one of Virgin Vapor’s best sellers, so I ordered it with high expectations. When I opened the bottle, the smell didn’t disappoint. It’s a very sweet cherry flavor that smells exactly like real cherries. It’s practically strong enough to be an air freshener, and the smell permeates the room when you vape it.

Unfortunately, the smell of Virgin Vapor’s Black Cherry Marshmallow doesn’t quite translate into a powerful cherry flavor when the e-liquid is used. This is another one of those Virgin Vapor e-liquids that tastes like almost nothing when it enters your mouth, only to build slowly on your tongue after you exhale the vapor. The taste is a very realistic black cherry with a bit of creamy sweetness in the background that suggests marshmallow. I just wish the taste could have been a little bit stronger.

If you have any experience with cherry-flavored e-liquids and are still searching for the perfect one, Virgin Vapor’s Black Cherry Marshmallow is an e-liquid you absolutely have to try. It’s the only cherry e-liquid I’ve tried to date that doesn’t resemble cough medicine in any way. The flavor may not be as strong as I would have liked it to be, but you’re unlikely to find another e-liquid quite like it.

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    Thank you for the review. I was extra interested in your opinion since I have had the same experience of ‘tastes like almost nothing’ with Virgin Vapor’s sample pack. I must add though, that I mentioned this issue when ordering a non-sample sized bottle of Naked Vanilla and Caramel, and Annette recommended a extra extra flavor. Let me tell you, the extra extra flavor made all the difference. (BTW if you’re a fan of cake frosting, mix the Naked Vanilla and Caramel – it’s so rich and good.)

    Since your review and others have not mentioned my dreaded reaction of ‘too sweet’ I now have Black Cherry Marshmallow on the way. :D

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