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Volcano Cherry Lava Pre-Filled Cartomizer

Volcano Cherry Lava Cartomizer
Volcano Cherry Lava Cartomizer
Volcano Cherry Lava Cartomizer




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A pleasant taste, if you like cherry throat lozenges

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Not for those looking for a natural cherry e-liquid

Bottom Line

Volcano’s new pre-filled cartomizer design is a winner, and I am enjoying the new Cherry Lava e-liquid.

Posted July 24, 2011 by

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Volcano Cherry Lava Pre-Filled Cartomizer

Click the link above to view this product at the manufacturer’s website. Volcano ships within the United States only.

Strength: 16 mg

Volcano has officially moved away from disposable cartridges for the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette. The new version of the Volcano starter kit includes a pack of five pre-filled cartomizers rather than five packs of cartridges. If you are using the original Volcano e-cig and don’t mind the disposable cartridges, take a look at Volcano’s cartridge closeout sale where you can get packs of five cartridges for $.99 each until Volcano’s stock runs out.

After the sale ends, though, users of the original Volcano e-cig will be getting their vapor out of these new packs of five pre-filled cartomizers. At first, you might balk over the price difference; the cartomizers cost $11.99 per five-pack rather than the $2.99 that Volcano used to charge for cartridges. However, you no longer need to purchase atomizers separately; each cartomizer includes a new atomizer. In addition, you’ll find that the cartomizers last far longer than cartridges — and you can re-use them.

Volcano Cherry Lava Cartomizer Pre Filled

Volcano’s new pre-filled cartomizers are labeled and color-coded by flavor.

This cartomizer is not the same design as the one that Volcano is using for its new Magma Cartomizers. Instead of using a tank and wick to bring the e-liquid up to the heating element, this cartomizer uses a saturated filler material that looks a bit like cotton gauze. Although the new cartomizer lasts much longer than Volcano’s old cartridges, you should not expect it to last quite as long as the larger cartomizers that Volcano sells for the Magma and Inferno e-cigs — but compatible threading means that Volcano’s new cartomizers will work with any Volcano battery that you own.

I tested the Cherry Lava version of the cartomizer. I have tried and enjoyed Volcano’s Cherry Lava e-liquid in the past, but they have since switched to a new e-liquid supplier in the United States and I was eager to try the new version of the flavor. Although you can use Volcano’s pre-filled cartomizers with the Inferno e-cig, it is important to note that these cartomizers are really intended for smaller electronic cigarettes. If you place the Inferno atomizer cone over the pre-filled cartomizer, the end of the cartomizer just barely sticks out.

Upon using the cartomizer, I found that it crackled and popped as a good atomizer should when it is new. It produces plenty of vapor. Although the vapor production isn’t quite as high as you can expect from Volcano’s new larger cartomizers, I think that anyone accustomed to disposable cartridges is really going to be pleasantly surprised by this product — no more leaking, and plenty of vapor when you want it.

As for the Cherry Lava flavor, I find it to be an improvement over Volcano’s old version. While the original Cherry Lava sometimes had a taste resembling cough syrup, this one tastes more like a Luden’s cherry throat lozenge, which I love. For those who have never had a Luden’s drop before, they basically taste like cherry candy.

I am keeping a tally of the number of puffs that I get out of the cartomizer before it runs out of e-liquid. Although Volcano does not specify on their website how long the cartomizers should last, judging from the size I expect each one to last for 50 or more puffs.

Volcano Pre Filled Cartomizer Refill

Volcano pre-filled cartomizer with cap removed

If you like, you can pry the cap off of a cartomizer with your fingernail and refill it from a bottle when it becomes dry. As you can see from the picture on the left, the cartomizer uses a simple polyfill that you can saturate by placing a few drops of e-liquid on the edge of the inside of the cartomizer and allowing it to soak into the filler material. Don’t put e-liquid directly into the center hole, as this would clog the heating element.

All in all, I think that Volcano’s decision to move to pre-filled cartomizers is a good one. In the face of the superior tank and drip systems used by the Magma and Inferno electronic cigarettes, it was becoming increasingly difficult to recommend the basic Volcano e-cig to newcomers. These new cartomizers give people who want a smaller electronic cigarette an option that I think will work very well for them.