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Volcano Sharks Clove

Volcano Sharks Clove E-Liquid Review
Volcano Sharks Clove E-Liquid Review
Volcano Sharks Clove E-Liquid Review


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3/ 5

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The Good

Pleasant artificial clove taste

The Bad

Lacks eugenol and doesn't produce the numbing sensation of real clove

Bottom Line

Sharks Clove is a pleasant e-liquid, but it isn’t flavored with real clove oil.

Posted February 26, 2013 by

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Volcano Sharks Clove

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A great clove flavor is thought of as something of a “holy grail” by many e-smokers. As someone who used to visit local tobacconists and try new products frequently during the cigar boom of the ’90s, I fell in love with the rich, spicy combination of clove and tobacco. Unfortunately, real clove cigarettes were banned as part of the United States government’s crackdown on flavored cigarettes, which has led many to search for the flavor they remember in vapor form. I believe I found the holy grail of clove e-liquids when I reviewed Ares Black Clove some time ago, but I’m always up for trying something new and added a bottle of Sharks Clove to a recent order from Volcano.

Volcano’s Sharks Clove has a great nose; it smells like a blend of a strong clove flavor and a bit of artificial tobacco flavor such as the one used in Volcano’s Tobacco e-liquid. Although it certainly doesn’t smell like a real clove cigarette, the smell of the clove itself is quite believable.

Unfortunately, Sharks Clove falls a bit flat when you taste it. Although the clove flavor is realistic, it seems to have been achieved without the use of actual clove oil as it lacks the slight mouth-numbing sensation of eugenol, a compound present in real cloves.

If you’re looking for a change of pace from your normal e-liquid and think that you might enjoy an e-liquid with a tobacco-like flavor and a spicy backbone, Sharks Clove might be right up your alley. For me, though, it seems like a bit of a relic from the e-cigarette industry’s past; it tastes fairly artificial and suggests certain flavors without actually tasting like them. There really isn’t much of a reason to buy Sharks Clove when you can get something with real eugenol elsewhere. Volcano will forever be in my personal e-liquid hall of fame for their brilliant Menthol Burst e-liquid, but for future products I hope they’ll innovate a bit more.