Electronic cigarette Package Inspection

E-lites Electronic cigarette starter Package Inspection

Nicotine but no tobacco is contained by the cartomisers.

For the health benefits of smoking read:
Overview of this E-lites digital cigarette/vaporiser starter package which is included with 2 cartomisers, the battery unit and a usb charger.

9 thoughts on “Electronic cigarette Package Inspection

  1. this was the first thing I bought znd it nearly put me off vaping the first 2 cartomizers were pulling my cheeks in but no vaper and the 3rd carto 1 small wisp and that was that all 3 were duds rotten experience

  2. I’m very interested in buying one of the "big" e-cigs that you mention and buying nicotine FREE vapour. I find blowing smoke rings and Irish waterfalls to be very entertaining but I don’t want the nicotine and I love the flavours 🙂 P.S You mentioned that you only needed the nicotine. Have you tried nicotine gum and pills?

  3. So do you smoke regularly ?  
    Seems odd to be reviewing smoking product like the pipe and this if you don’t smoke

    not a bad thing just funny :p

  4. quite good when working to have like that cause when you like inside factory or on a workplace when you cant smoke a regular ciggaret you can still smoke E cigg witch is only thing i think is good with E-ciggs

  5. The Government are really pissed off because they have not found a way to put duty on it yet ! Only a matter of time before they find a way I bet !

  6. It’s interesting to find someone else self-medicating with nicotine, and that there’s been some research into it. I find that it helps keep me awake and focused much better than caffeine does. Have you tried the nicotine strips? They’ve been the best medium I’ve tried so far. I received a free e-cigarette and have just got round to trying it, but it kind of freaks me out. It’s like I’m sucking on fire. And I think it’s really difficult to inhale enough nicotine when I’m so freaked out using it, haha. Perhaps if it was bubblegum flavoured I might be more into it!

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