Gas Station E Cigs Review

Gas Station E Cigs Review

Big J testimonials the V2, blu and Logic e-cigs you can purchase at most gas stations. Which ones are worthwhile at a pinch if your MOD expires or when you are just starting our? That is the question Large J has the reply.

50 thoughts on “Gas Station E Cigs Review

  1. This dude is straight boring and blah. You’re trying to compare an ecig to a full fledged mod. Yeah, no shit it’s not gonna be same bro.

  2. you don’t need the giant cumulo nimbus clouds to get the nicotine. gas station e-cigs are one fk of a lot handier than filling the big one and you can sneak them ANYWHERE! but just buy Vuse products, they are made by big tobacco R.J. Reynolds and they’ve got the money to make quality products and use safe juice. be cautious about the juice bevis and butthead mix up in the back room, especially the weird flavors. you just can’t trust what your ingesting. shop around and you’ll find high quality gas station e-cigs online with a wide variety of strengths and flavors. i recommend either tobacco or menthol (mint extract) because you can’t fk those flavors up, they’ve been around forever. mint extract and glycerine is what you make your kid’s birthday cake frosting with. look it up , "I" did!

  3. Clickbait in that thumb. No vuse here lol this dude complains more then a millennial that was forced into a job.

  4. Guys at lizard juice are very nice but their ejuice is overpriced an taste like crap. Like new leaf black hat is the way if you’re in Jacksonville fl

  5. This fat fuck is a whiny little bitch about complaining about having no battery and how it’s 24 mg and is complaining about a box, just shut the fuck up and act like a man.

  6. totally just here because I switched to MarkTen and now they’re discontinued, but at 15:15 you start to realize the difference about the vaping community and the quitting community lmao

  7. Want to gauge the maturity level of a typical YouTube audience? Read some of these comments — it’s like slipping back into 2nd grade. If this is typical of how Americans communicate (unable to spell or use punctuation), we’re in big trouble.

  8. I am fuckin 12 and I can inhale longer than this motherfucker 😂👌🏻🤘🏻#420forlife🤘🏻

  9. Great info, pleasant to watch.
    I’m your target audience.
    I’m using tobacco still like when I drink, etc, And have discovered vaping for when I’m at work, at my parents house, indoors, or want to kiss someone who doesn’t smoke.
    One small criticism, you talk a lot about the brand names of the ones you don’t like (like blu), and after convincing me to buy that last one you don’t mention its name at all.
    So I’m sold, since I don’t ((yet) want to be one of those folks I see driving past the bus stop who are blowing out thunder clouds of "smoke", but will have to rewind and watch again to get the name of it.
    Which I will gladly do.
    Just a little something to think about.
    Maybe edit the video with a brand name scrolling across the bottom toward the end.
    I’m going to finish my last BLU and get one.

  10. i’m 13 and know more about this shit than this old ass 😂😂 gets frustrated over a box and charger i feel bad for this mans wife if he even got one 😂 get a knife and some patience smh

  11. I use a disposable hookah pen (basically an e cig without nicotine) and it gave more vapor than the blue e cig

  12. Talking about "oh somebody who is quitting smoking has got to open a box." But someone who’s quitting definitely doesn’t want to mess with a tank, coil, mod and juice , yours is much more of a headache and you are annoying.

  13. i am disappointed that how you seemed to only review the bad. it is a review for a reason, to review both good and bad. also what were you expecting? usually you get those gas station vapes when you want a substitute from your normal smoking. usually people who get those are people who wanna experiment and haven’t tried it, because of that the mg isn’t massive nor the smoke so idk why you look surprised when you see very little smoke.

    i’m new to this channel and i’m not here to only hate, i’m just explaining why his video isn’t probably doing its best. constructive criticism if you will.

  14. So you’re recommending CRAP these days? LMFAO! Get a fucking job you stink at this one! It’s like recommending children to drink chloride!

  15. sis why don’t you hold in the vapor like you’re supposed to instead of blowing it out right away smh it’s not even gonna get you buzzed

  16. Thank you so much for educating and explaining vaping to people! When I quit smoking I was so nervous! Thankfully one of the guys at my local vape shops was super nice, otherwise I honestly may not have given it a shot but he pushed me to try it because the other girl working with him was rude and freaked me out and I thought for sure I’d do something wrong but I followed his instructions and here I am, 3 years later, SMOKE FREE!!! 😊

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