I Recommend Blu E-cigs

Why I Recommend Blu E-cigs

If you are serious about quitting smoking cigarettes permanently by switching into vaping, then it is almost always a fantastic idea to have a Blu E-cig on your backpack or handbag to have as a backup.

It is super easy, you are going to forget its there, and it might be a lifesaver if you run out of battery or e-liquid lifetime. , #electroniccigarettes #bluecigs #vaping

18 thoughts on “I Recommend Blu E-cigs

  1. Professional review!!! Nice, buddy! Can you make a review about Feelm, all my friends are using it!!!

  2. Anyone know where or how to get the recharge kit for Blu Plus cigs? It seems they are no longer sold or produced in the USA but the UK still makes them. Wtf?

  3. dude the first time I picked these up was at like 2am at a local gas station, a 4 or 5 pack of the 18mg tobacco flavours, and I had a great experience cutting down my tobacco use, slowly I’ve gotten more into vaping but still like to have a few cigs each day. Lets hope stoptober works well for me this year. I just got a single pack with rechargable battery of the new UK TPD cig-a-like ones with 4×4 refill packs

  4. Brother..those shades are badass…Tony Stark has nothing on you…where did you get them? Btw…good vid!

  5. buddy take some more time and read.. box says 2.4% nicotine, thats actually why they suck so good video anyway.. your message is right on though to recommending a blue, just for the example you make.. good to just have around for a backup plan..

  6. I’m getting one tomorrow but please help me out why is the Blu Pro and the Blue plus the same price but completely different than each other? Which one should I get? I really like the bright blue light the slide comes with it’s like a cigarette but it’s blue but I feel like the pro would be better since it’s newer

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