In Case the battery goes out The Way to Use a Blu E cigarette

The Way to Hack a Blu E cigarette in Case the battery goes out

I generated this movie using all the YouTube Video Editor (

25 thoughts on “In Case the battery goes out The Way to Use a Blu E cigarette

  1. Yeah MacGyver, what I do is pop the light cover off the top and get a sharp knife, use the tip and disable the blue light. The battery will last much longer and get more outta your Blu.

  2. I tried doing what he did but ended up breaking the wires😋 to bad

    I’m just gonna pray to Jesus chrsit and then hope that if I ask

    My, pa pa to buy me another 1!!!! 😶 🙄

  3. Well i screwed mine up. It’s basically ripped apart. Guess I’ll use the light for something cool lol

  4. Simple. All you need is the red wire and the black wire. No ground, or any kind of safety at all. Now you want to attach the Live Wire without the ground to your e-cigarette. Then pick it up and put it in your mouth. You definitely won’t be fiending for a cigarette because you’ll be getting kickass pain killers when you receive third degree burns from being electrocuted. Winning.

  5. 3d print a custom case and take an old lithium battery from an old cell phone. Wire it up with the micro USB port from the old phone for charging. Then you will have a long battery life that’s rechargeable all wrapped up in a nice package. It would have been cool to see a finished project. Most people don’t want to walk around holding wires and a battery lol. If you do that you just look like a crackhead. Lmao

  6. Welp, now my  blu e-cig is broken. Battery came out but the other part didn’t. Cords snapped. I give up.

  7. thank you because of this i made a box mod and 3d printed the shell for this
    but i used a more complicated rechargeable battery

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