Katherine Heigl Glows On Letterman While Smoking Electronic Cigarette


Katherine Heigl has regularly been described as a starlet with that certain retro facet to her, as many say she looks like a 1950’s era actress that exudes glamour and that certain something that 1950’s starlets had. She certainly appears to be taking this to heart: it is tough to find a movie from that era that didn’t have all the smokers light up tobacco smokes, and it appears like films from that time always featured a fog of smoke above the actors. Although you would think many were outraged, or that others would be running to get cigarettes, people were more likely to have an interest in going to purchase e-cigarettes, since that is what Katherine Heigl chose to light up while sitting in an interview with Letterman. It appears as though Heigl decided to forgo traditional tobacco smokes and rather buy e-cigarettes. Although many at first probably thought she just thought she could light up a cigarette just because she is a celebrity, she is actually just doing something that people all over are beginning to do. Smokers everywhere have to begun to purchase e-cigarettes instead of real cigarettes due to the convenience and healthy option of electronic cigarettes. Electronic smokes are devices that look like the real thing, which is why so many people assumed the actress was actually smoking a cigarette. However, smoking electronic cigarettes is much safer than smoking tobacco. Instead of inhaling tobacco smoke, smokers are simply inhaling a vapor that is derived from a liquid called e-juice, which is made with pure nicotine. Smokers can also purchase flavored e-juice for their electronic smokes, but flavored or not, it is still healthier than smoking tobacco since one isn’t inhaling extra additives and compounds. E-Juice is even available without any nicotine in any respect, which is why many smokers use it as a smoking cessation device, providing them the ability to take down steps in smoking whilst still enjoying the action of smoking.  Many smokers began to purchase e-cigarettes in response to stricter laws on smoking so they could smoke more freely, and then they began to discover the added benefit of being safer, making e-cigarettes increasingly more popular. So popular that Katherine Heigl decided to buy e-cigarettes!


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