Man Hospitalized After Explodes In Pocket

Man Hospitalized After E-Cigarette Explodes In Pocket

CBS2’s Christine Sloan reports.

50 thoughts on “Man Hospitalized After Explodes In Pocket

  1. "idiot hospitalized after carrying a loose 18650 in his pocket" change your title. your not fooling those that can think for themselves.

  2. i am positive that he had coins or keys in his pocket thats why the explosion….you don’t have to be super smart for that

  3. Try some real investigating reporting!! It’s not the e cig device failing or just blowing up it’s caused by people using damaged batteries or not using the device as recommended!!

  4. Guys I had 34 batteries in my pocket with some coins… some runaway thermal thing happened and I lost both of my legs! Also my dog died in the explosion which was like Chernobyl all over again! Don’t do it kids, vaping is dangerous!

    Almost as dangerous as cigarettes to which I shall return now, legless and alcoholic! Please ban these ecigs! Vote Trump!

  5. am i the only one that laughs at these e-cig explosions when people are dancing around with sparks flying?

  6. Hopefully that guy can’t breed now. We have too many dumbfks like him as it is.. Ecigs save the day yet again..!

  7. We are living in 21st century, can video call anywhere in the world, but still no luck with the battery technology.

  8. "I thought he had fireworks in his pocket"

    Because everyone lights fireworks in their pockets on the Reg.

  9. Don’t keep a loose battery in your pocket. Don’t use shitty cheap batteries either. Also, there are regulated mods out there to prevent them from "exploding". All these stupid people cause a bad image for the vape community. Dumbass.

  10. not an "e-cigarette" actually a battery. This has happened to my friend, you change batteries every 6 months for good protection. Because when they wear out or the wrap does, there’s a chance it can make connection with change or keys in your pocket. Why you shouldn’t have loose batteries anywhere that you can’t see. Invest in a battery case… hell you can get a good 4-bay one for $2.50 at my local vape shop xD You never respect the things that can go wrong with batteries until you’ve seen it happen. My friend got 2nd – 3rd degree burns on his whole thigh actually a couple days ago from it while I was with him at the shop and he had his older batteries with him in his pocket. Right after getting him to the hospital, I bought some battery cases lol. Of course, I always kept mine in the pocket in my bag instead of my pocket. Battery safety is the biggest part. Change out your batteries even if you’re cheap. And god please invest in a damn battery case xD

  11. i hate news reports like these , they are giving a bad name to vapers when only it is a stupid guys fualt not using safety

  12. Yeah that’s on him like someone else said his mod looks like the same 2 I have 5 batteries for a 3 batt mod and change no Bueno

  13. They should ask the guy (and others who experienced this) what equipment was used, and whether he had a loose battery in his pocked together with coins. A battery will shorten when a bunch of coins all touching each other also touch the positive and negative sides of a battery, thus connecting the positive and negative.
    Safest to just use regulated vape pens and mods with build in batteries, and not use mechanical ones.

  14. its not new news that lithium ion batteries can be dangerous if missused. just like cars, bikes, knives, planes, guns, any xtreme sport, any electrical equiptment, anything that produces fire. i could go on all day.

  15. Another dickhead who carried spare batteries unprotected and they shorted out coming into contact with keys, coins. Bloody news reporters are so blatantly good at mis-reporting the truth in favour of sensationalising a story to make out vaping is bad and dangerous. As usual with this reporter her moto is "never let the truth get in the way of a good story". Another Darwin award winner for being a fuckwit and very bad battery safety. Typical Muppet.

  16. Tip, if it happens, try and take off your pants and not trying to reach for the e cigg. Goes way faster

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