Posted February 11, 2012 by Jack Keenan in News

Buy Your Sweetheart an E-Cig Gift for Valentine’s Day

Virgin Vapor is currently running a Valentine’s Day e-cig promotion that I find really cute, and I thought that a few of eDripping’s readers might be interested. Smokers often don’t notice the negative effects that tobacco can have on their breath, especially if their husbands, wives or sweethearts smoke as well. When member of a couple switches to electronic cigarettes and the other doesn’t, it may put a bit of a damper on their love life. Virgin Vapor’s e-cig gift box for Valentine’s Day intends to do something about that. The company is offering two different e-cig gifts for Valentine’s Day. One is for people who haven’t switched to electronic cigarettes yet, and the other is a nice e-liquid gift to buy for a sweetheart who has already made the switch.

Valentine’s Deluxe E-Cig Gift Set ($99.95)

Valentines Day E-Cig Gift SetThe Valentine’s Deluxe Gift Set is an e-cig starter kit with a few special additions. The gift set includes the KGO electronic cigarette, which is based on the popular eGo e-cig. I believe the eGo is the best electronic cigarette in the mid-sized range, and both men and women tend to like it. The kit includes two high-capacity 1100 mAh manual batteries, two tankomizers, six empty tanks, a USB charger and a wall charger. In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, the KGO comes in pink, white or burgundy and includes a nice large carrying case in red or black.

However, that’s not what makes this e-cig gift a special one. It also includes two Vision cartomizers, a stainless steel cone that enhances the appearance of the cartomizers, a pink metal drip tip, three small empty bottles for carrying e-liquid on the go, and three 15 ml bottles of Virgin Vapor’s new floral e-liquids. The three e-liquid flavors included are Bed of Roses, Night Blooming Jasmine and Blue Violet. These are the items that really set the Valentine’s Deluxe E-Cig Gift Set apart; it seems like every electronic cigarette vendor these days has a starter kit based on the eGo — it’s a great performing e-cig that lasts a long time. However, the addition of three organic e-liquids and other nice add-ons really makes this kit special. It also gives a new electronic cigarette user a chance to try both tankomizers and cartomizers and decide which e-liquid delivery method he or she prefers. Virgin Vapor sells the floral e-liquids separately for $15 each, and the eGo Tank kit usually sells for around $75. So, you’re saving around $20 with this kit, not even taking into account the Vision cartomizers, drip tip and Vision cone.

Valentine’s Bouquet of Flowers ($38.25)

E-Liquid Gift Set Valentines Day Virgin VaporVirgin Vapor is a new company and has quickly found favor among myself and other reviewers due to its commitment to using only organic flavors and creating extracts with only vegetable glycerin and occasionally pure grain alcohol. Thus, people with sensitivities to propylene glycol can be assured that it is not used in any part of the e-liquid creation process, and people who like PG for its ability to carry flavors and wick more quickly can always get it added to their e-liquids upon request. Virgin Vapor’s Valentine’s Day e-liquid gift set contains three 15 ml bottles with the Night Blooming Jasmine, Blue Violet and Bed of Roses e-liquids, all containing extracts taken from organically grown flowers. For someone who already uses electronic cigarettes, I think that this e-liquid gift set is a really clever idea. After all, who doesn’t like the smell of flowers?