Posted July 3, 2012 by Jack Keenan in News

Volcano Lavatube 2.0 Coming Soon

Update: The Lavatube 2.0 is now available! Read my review or check out Volcano’s product page. Click here if you’re in Europe.

In a recent live chat with customers, Volcano let it slip that the new Lavatube 2.0 variable-voltage electronic cigarette is nearly ready for release and will be available in about two weeks.

Read the chat recap here.

This is huge news for current Lavatube owners or anyone on the fence about upgrading to a vari-volt e-cigarette, as the Lavatube 2.0 is expected to have some of the advanced features previously only available on the far more expensive ProVari.

Lavatube 2.0 Pictures

What’s new about the Lavatube 2.0?

Volcano has decided to update the self-protection circuitry in the Lavatube 2.0 to give the new device an over-current limit of 3.0 amps. To put things into perspective, the current model of the Lavatube has an over-current limit of 2.5 amps and the ProVari Mini has a limit of 3.5 amps. The higher over-current limit gives you a wider voltage range to play with when using low-resistance or dual-coil hardware such as the new Magma dual-coil cartomizer.

The current Lavatube automatically knocks you down to 3.7 volts if you attempt to run a dual-coil cartomizer higher than 4.0 volts, while the ProVari Mini supports dual-coil cartomizers at up to 4.9 or 5.0 volts depending on the cartomizer. The Lavatube 2.0 should handle dual-coil cartomizers at up to 4.4 or 4.5 volts, and I can say from experience that dual-coil cartomizers work beautifully in this range.

The Lavatube 2.0 may also have some additional features that Volcano hasn’t commented on yet. There are rumors that the Lavatube 2.0 will also have updated firmware, giving it the ability to display the current charge level of the battery, the current in amps and the resistance of the connected atomizer or cartomizer in ohms.

If all of this turns out to be true, the Lavatube 2.0 will actually be a more information-rich electronic cigarette than the ProVari, which is considerably more expensive. Making this device even sweeter is the fact that current Lavatube owners can use their existing batteries and chargers with the Lavatube 2.0.

Click the link at the top of this article to watch Volcano’s forum thread about the Lavatube 2.0. As the device gets closer to being released, any remaining questions should be cleared up. Alternatively, check Volcano’s product pages for the Lavatube body or the full Lavatube kit to see if the Lavatube 2.0 is available to buy.