Posted August 28, 2011 by Jack Keenan in News

Volcano Accepting Pre-Orders for New Lava Tube E-Cig

Update: The wait is nearly over! Volcano has sent the upcoming Lavatube to me, and I have published my first impressions. Read my Lavatube e-cig review.

Volcano has announced via its forum that the company has begun to gauge interest regarding a pre-order of the upcoming Lava Tube e-cig. At this time, Volcano is not looking for payments or firm commitments; this announcement is simply to determine whether there is enough interest to produce a pre-order batch of the new product. Customers who pre-order will receive the Lava Tube before the general public.

Read the announcement here.

The Lava Tube will be Volcano’s largest electronic cigarette. It is expected to have a 2200 mAh battery — twice the capacity of the largest Inferno battery. It will be a variable voltage device with the ability to operate at 3.7, 5 or 6 volts without changing the battery. It may even be possible to adjust the voltage in .1 volt increments — Volcano has not mentioned this yet. It will most likely use industry standard atomizer threading, meaning that it will accept your favorite Volcano atomizer such as the Magma and Lava atomizers.

Volcano’s goal is to price the Lava Tube under $100. With variable voltage e-cigs often costing in excess of $200, this is likely to make the device a real hit with electronic cigarette users. Replacement batteries should cost approximately $20.

Operating at the standard 3.7 volt power level, the Lava Tube should be able to continue working for up to twice as long as the Inferno — perhaps going several days between charges for light to moderate users. However, the real magic of the device will be its ability to operate at higher voltage levels — something that no other Volcano e-cig currently does. At higher voltage levels, the Lava Tube will be able to operate standard-resistance atomizers at higher power levels than would be possible with a 3.7 volt battery, giving this e-cig the ability to produce more vapor, more consistently, than any other product Volcano offers.

Volcano has released some preliminary renderings of what the Lava Tube might look like. Variable voltage e-cigs often aren’t the most attractive things in the world, but it looks like Volcano is really working hard to produce something that looks as nice as it functions.