NIDA TV Spotlight {} Cigarettes

NIDA TV Spotlight on Digital Cigarettes

NIDA TV meeting with Virginia Commonwealth University Professor of Psychology, Dr. Thomas Eissenberg, after his conversation about Ecigarette research. The demonstration was hosted by the National Institutes of Health Tobacco and Nicotine Research Interest group.
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5 thoughts on “NIDA TV Spotlight {} Cigarettes

  1. propelyine glycole is an ingredient in ice cream and vegetable glycerin is an all-natural liquid extract from plant oils like coconut oil. so other than nicotine, what about a vape is harmful for your health?

  2. Interesting. The color of Dr. Eissenberg’s suit is that distinct color only achieved with years of heavy smoking around bright white fabric?

    You know after a while we have to seriously question and consider the intent of the government. Repeatedly, the various Alphabet Soup government agencies do everything in their power, and then some, to manipulate, regulate, prohibit, and demonize various substances. The stated intention is always #PublicHealth and safety. However, the results are most often the polar opposite of such. How can we arrive at any other conclusion than that the #government wants to cause as much harm as possible?
    Nicotine is not in and of itself particularly harmful. #Cigarettes though are demonstrably harmful. Non-combustion #vapor delivery of #nicotine is obviously safer and considerably less harmful than #smoking #tobacco. Why then does the government intentionally seek to prevent #vaping at the expense of increased smoking-related deaths?
    GOVT: "Smoking is bad, mmkay?"
    US: Why yes, yes it is. I quit and switched to vaping.
    "Ohma gawds! Vaping is bad, mmkay?"
    Sigh. #WTF are you talking about? Vaping is safer than smoking and allowed me to easily quit smoking.
    "Water vapor could be dangerous! We haven’t studied that. Propylene glycol bad! Nicotine bad! Do as we say dammit, smoke cigarettes—DO NOT VAPE!"
    Puff-puff. Blows large cloud of vapor in Dr. Eissenberg’s face <maniacal laughter>

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