NJOY Gold King Menthol Electronic Cigarette Review – Disposable

NJOY Gold King Menthol Electronic Cigarette Review – Disposable

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50 thoughts on “NJOY Gold King Menthol Electronic Cigarette Review – Disposable

  1. I enjoy the Njoy e cig, however, I feel the company has false advertising on the packaging.  There is NO way one cig is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.  Shame on them!   Especially given cost!   

  2. E-cigarettes that imitate cigarettes help me quit easily. I noticed the huge ones that remind me of cigars don’t. I currently using Logic Pro’s steel pen style ecig and its not that bad. Taste just like a few other companies I’ve tried in the past: Victory, Nickstick, etc. They all taste the same to me except Blu’s E-cigarettes so I you are right. The blue e-cigarettes are nasty. Anyways. I lowered down from 2.8mg to 1.8mg today and it doesn’t have the artificial peppermint flavor stronger mgs have. I had about 3 Newport cigarettes in between using it (I smoked half a pack or pack and half ). I remember being able to go 5 days without a cigarette when I was hospitalized last year spring 2015. This was a few months after switching back to a real pack of Newports so they definitely do help you even months after stopping. I went 2 months with the imitation ones that light up at the bottom which are more effective for some of us than the pen style ones. Njoys look good and they look really cool. but they are $30 for just 3 disposable ecigs? 😲 You can buy oil that will last a month or more for this price l.

  3. the issue I had with my electronic cigarettes that I’ve tried is they felt so big heavy and chunky between my fingers as opposed to a real cigarette.  Been looking for a slimmer electronic cigarette that feels closer to the real thing when I hold it.  I thought I had seen a brand that had the word "slims" on it not sure if they’re what I’m looking for.

  4. Haven’t had one of these in years. I remember it looked and felt just like smoking a real cigarette though.

  5. I’m a cigar and pipe smoker, so i prefer the vapes that lack the light at the end and have a fake ash.

  6. Thanks Dan. Im thinking of transfering to Njoy in a couple of days, and your review makes me so excited to try it 🙂

  7. Hi Dan love your reviews on the e cigs and the other cool gadgets available. I was wondering when are you going to do reviews on the Halo products. I’ve been told their juices are amazing and the Triton Tank system is killer.

  8. i tried blu and vuse they taste like chemical. tried njoy and i love them nice throat hit and they last forever. i use the recharge best e cig out there

  9. I tried many e-cigarettes, the best have been the NJoy. There is just one hold back, they stop making the refil cartridges.  I am so upset now I feel that having to buy the one at a time is a rip off.  When you could purchase the box with 5 cartridge at a time it was great, but now you can only get one at a time…!

  10. NJOY isn’t owned by big tobacco, it’s an independent company! It’s my preferred ecig lol.

    Anyways, stay charged and vape on!

  11. Hi Dan love your reviews on the e cigs and the other cool gadgets available. I was wondering when are you going to do reviews on the Halo products. I’ve been told their juices are amazing and the Triton Tank system is killer.

  12. Ahhh that looks waaay too much like a cigarette for my liking—- I may/may not have wanted something like that to start off with, but just looking at that is killing me. It’s a tad too much of a "trigger" for me right now, I’ve only been vaping for about 11 days. Time to chain vape for a sec to get my mind off of it!

  13. This is a old video. How’s it going? Just want to say if you care anymore…that my N joy doesn’t have smoke coming out of it. Nor did it come with instructions is it old. I got it at wslmart

  14. I don’t know if my battery died or something but I got one of these for free and I can’t figure out how to use it. Is there a button somewhere or do you just puff away?

  15. I literally have tried the njoys about 5 times literally none of them worked. Wtf do not buy if you have my luck I deplore you do not buy there junk. Way to exspensive for it not too work.

  16. hey Dan! ive been watching your reviews for about 2 years now, and ive been vaping about the same time, i have smoked ciggarettes about two times, i like only one brand and type…. Camel Crushes. I am in dire need to find an e-juixe that matches camel crushes in specific…. and in my book if theres any hope of having help of finding my favorite cig, and seeing you may respect my passion for this one ciggarette, please help me find an e-juice. if anyone can find it, it would be you dan, your the man dude, keep keeping on i support you 100% your channel and your personality. please help!

  17. NJOY is pretty good company. i bought the Vaping jits 660maH and they good. i got the recharge too

  18. Love the review. But Since when is NJOY big tobacco. Part of me doesn’t want to believe this since they fought the FDA in court for vaping. But I want to know if there are some details I’ve missed.

  19. bought 3 of these for 8 bucks and none of them work!!!! I thought maybe I needed to activate it somehow but nope! Didn’t even get one puff!!! so mad!

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