Security concerns are raised by explosions

E-cigarette explosions Increase Security Issues

New movie of a digital cigarette bursting to a Fresno, California, bus voicing worries about the protection of digital cigarettes. The Rene Marsh of CNN reports.

31 thoughts on “Security concerns are raised by explosions

  1. At the same time 4 million people died because of smoking cigarettes and thousands of kids because of gun accidents

  2. first these batteries were made for vacuum cleaners flashlights they weren’t necessarily made for the e-cigarette .and if you’re really that concerned then just buy a device that has an internal battery and is regulated. all this crap is way over hyped Vapor Products are 95% safer for you than a real cigarette. compared to how many people have fallen asleep with a cigarette in their mouth or their hand and burn themselves up or burn their houses down the e-cigarette or Vapor Products is what you should be calling them are much safer and much healthier for you then a real cigarette. I’ve been vaping for over 4 years now and never has a battery or device blown up on me.

  3. Don’t own anything E-Cigarette brand, because they’re own by the cigarette companies. They want you to die or get cancer.
    Buy a true vape brand.

  4. This is a *$ BIG TOBACCO PROPAGANDA LIE$*…they are losing money and losing the next generation of smokers. $$$$$$$$$$

  5. The United States Department of Transportationestimated that during 2014, the year of the selfie,[7][8]33,000 people were injured while driving and using a cell-phone in some fashion, which can include talking, listening, and "manual button/control actuation" including taking, uploading, downloading, editing, or opening of selfies.[9] A survey by Erie Insurance Group found 4% of all drivers admit to taking selfies while driving, equal to nearly 10% of the percentage of drivers who admit to singing or dancing while driving and 1% higher than drivers who admit to urinating or defecating while driving.

    Proof that vaping is safer that selfies…

  6. I looked at the video 10 times I believe he still holding his device when it blew up in his pocket I believe he had loose lithium batteries in his pocket and probably had change in his pocket when it blew so it was not the device. You be the judge.

  7. 32,479 traffic fatalities in 2011, 200 people get murdered every year in Pit bull attacks. 12 people a year get injured by their own careless/misuse of LIPO batteries, and you want to ban vaporizers, Seriously? your brains do not work right, there is really something wrong with you people.

  8. don’t remember anyone calling for mobile phones being banned due to exploding batteries and that has happened often enough, also the batteries that are used in e-cigs are also used in torches but I don’t remember seeing any stories of those exploding, this is just down to lazy users who forget to implement the safety features (like disabling the vape pen fire button) before putting them in their pockets or handbags or making sure loose batteries are safely stored so they don’t make contact with metal objects like keys or loose change.


  10. Just Don’t smoke kids,it’s not worth it.You’re just killing your brain and lungs,also shortening your lifetime!

  11. 135 cases of explosion on E cigarettes over a 7 year span……We should ban paper, because of how many times people get paper cut…..

  12. that is what happens when you put 18650 batteries in your pocket. the first thing everyone knows is never put your mod in your pocket expecially if it’s a mechanical mod and of course never have loose batteries in your pocket

  13. this is obviously propaganda to make sure that East cigarettes go through and get banned what a shame that we would rather have millions of people die a year versus a couple morons hurt themselves. you can’t protect people from their own stupidity

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