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The Best Menthol E-Liquids

I have preferred menthol e-liquids as long as I have used electronic cigarettes; I find the intense rush of menthol to be very satisfying for my nicotine cravings, and feel that the best menthol e-liquids represent everything that is great about e-cigs. Because I have reviewed so many menthol e-liquids that browsing every full review on eDripping.com can be time-consuming, I have put together this brief comparison describing the strengths, flavor notes and relative menthol levels of each one. Click a link or picture to display the product page for that e-liquid.

Product Picture Description Rating
Volcano Menthol Burst Volcano Menthol Burst Electronic Cigarette Liquid Menthol Burst is the first e-liquid I have tried that really lives up to its claim of providing a truly intense menthol experience. Has a very high level of menthol and a neutral mint flavor that mixes well with other e-liquids. 5.000
eLiquid Planet Essence Ice ELiquidPlanet Essence Ice Electronic Cigarette Liquid Essence Ice has a base flavor of tobacco, at times resembling the taste of an unlit premium cigar. Has a medium level of menthol and a smooth menthol tobacco flavor. 4.625
Virgin Vapor Peppermint Chill Virgin Vapor Peppermint Chill E-Liquid Review Peppermint Chill uses natural peppermint to create a flavor that strongly resembles real mint tea. Combined with a nice helping of menthol, this is a great mint e-liquid that doesn’t taste like a candy cane. 4.375
Halo Menthol Ice Halo Menthol Ice Electronic Cigarette Liquid Menthol Ice has a base flavor of tobacco with a hint of mint and a medium level of menthol. Smooth and mellow menthol e-liquid. 4.250
eLiquid Plannet Essence NPT (Newport) E-Liquid Planet Essence NPT NPT is a spicy, dry e-liquid with flavors of pepper, cinnamon and clove. Low menthol, plenty of throat hit. 4.125
Halo Malibu Menthol Halo Malibu Menthol E-Liquid Malibu Menthol has flavor notes of pineapple and coconut over a medium menthol base. Produces massive amounts of vapor and isn’t overly sweet. 4.000
Halo Mystic Menthol Halo Mystic Menthol E-Liquid Review High to very high level of menthol with a slight neutral peppermint flavor. 3.875
Halo Kringle’s Curse Halo Kringles Curse E-Liquid Review High menthol and strong peppermint flavor without a lot of sweetness. 3.750
Ares Menthol Additive Ares-E-Cig-E-Liquid-Menthol-Additive-Review Not a menthol e-liquid, but rather an additive that adds menthol to e-liquids with a few drops. Works well, but could be more powerful. 3.750
Mister-E-Liquid Menthol Mister-E-Liquid Menthol E-Liquid Review High to very high menthol with a base flavor of tobacco smoke. Tastes a bit like a menthol cigarette, but the smoke flavor might be an irritant for long-term electronic cigarette users. 3.500
Halo TruePure Halo TruePure Menthol Electronic Cigarette Liquid TruePure has a base flavor of peppermint with a hint of tobacco. A slightly less sweet, more intense experience than Halo’s CoolMist. Low to medium menthol. 3.500
Intellicig ECOpure Menthol Intellicig ECOpure Menthol E-Liquid Review ECOpure Menthol uses a nicotine extraction that is 99.82% pure and completely propylene glycol-free, giving it a smooth, neutral and slightly sweet flavor. Unfortunately, it has very little menthol. 3.500
V2 Cigs Menthol V2 Cigs Menthol E-Liquid Review High menthol for a small cartridge. Interesting combination of peppermint and tobacco flavors but tastes very artificial. 3.250
Halo CoolMist Halo CoolMist Electronic Cigarette Liquid Review CoolMist is a mix of mint flavors including peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen with a low to medium level of menthol. A very sweet dessert e-liquid that reminds me of a pillow mint. 3.250
Johnson Creek Arctic Menthol Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Arctic Menthol e-Liquid Arctic Menthol is a mix of tobacco and mint flavors somewhat resembling Nat Sherman’s discontinued Hint of Mint cigarette. Low menthol. 3.250
eLiquid Planet Menthol eLiquid Planet Menthol Mint Electronic Cigarette Liquid eLiquid Planet’s standard Menthol e-liquid has a base flavor of mint and a medium to high level of menthol. Slight chemical aftertaste. 3.000
Johnson Creek Wisconsin Frost Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Wisconsin Frost E-Liquid Review A mix of peppermint and artificial smoke flavors with a low amount of menthol. Very harsh. 2.875
deejStuff deejBlend 05 Menthol deejBlend 05 Menthol E-Liquid Review High menthol with a base flavor that resembles smoke more closely than tobacco. Intended to resemble the “Marlboro Menthol” brand. A bit too bright and harsh for me but may be a good choice for people who have tried several menthol e-liquids and hated them all. 2.625
Gourmet Vapor Menthol Madness Gourmet Vapor Menthol Madness E-Liquid Review High menthol from a variety of different mentholated flavor components. The eucalyptus flavor is nice but a little strange. 2.500
Smoke Revolution USA Menthol Crush Smoke Revolution Menthol Crush Newport E-Liquid Review Low menthol. Dry and a bit harsh. Strong artificial peppermint flavor and tobacco scent. 2.500
Johnson Creek Tundra Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Tundra E-Liquid Review Tundra is a mix of tobacco and mint flavors with a very low amount of menthol. Bitter and harsh. 2.125
Halo Tiki Juice Halo Tiki Juice E-Liquid Tiki Juice has a mix of tobacco and fruit flavors including cinnamon, clove, pineapple, nutmeg and cherry. The flavor mix clashes a bit, and the e-liquid has very little menthol. 1.875
Volcano Menthol Volcano New USA Made Menthol Electronic Cigarette Liquid Volcano Menthol e-liquid has a base flavor of tobacco and a low level of menthol. I found the flavor unpleasant and overly sweet. 1.875
Ares Menthol Tobacco Ares Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid Review Low to medium menthol over a sweet tobacco base that resembles butterscotch. I found the flavor a bit unpleasant. 1.875
Gourmet Vapor Menthol Eucalyptus Gourmet Vapor Menthol Eucalyptus Review Tastes like a plain white cough drop. Very uninteresting flavor and too little menthol. 1.625
Virgin Vapor Menthol Moon Drops Virgin Vapor Menthol Moon Drops E-Liquid Review Menthol Moon Drops is a flavorless menthol e-liquid intended primarily for mixing. Unfortunately, it has far too little menthol to be of any use in a diluted state. 1.500
Vapure Dry Blend Menthol Vapure Menthol Electronic Cigarette Liquid Very little menthol, and a taste that reminds me of cheap, harsh drug store perfume. 1.250
Safe Cig Menthol Cartomizer Safe Cig Micro Menthol Cartomizer Review A horrible chemical aftertaste ruins this interesting mix of tobacco and peppermint flavors. 1.125
Volcano Menthol (Discontinued) Volcano Menthol Electronic Cigarette Liquid Volcano’s original menthol e-liquid had a base flavor of mint and a high level of menthol. Volcano replaced this e-liquid with Menthol Burst after switching to a new USA-based supplier. 0.000