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The Best Tobacco E-Liquids

The ability to experiment is one of the greatest pleasures of using electronic cigarettes, but if you are like most e-cig users, you are probably on a never-ending search for the best tobacco e-liquid for everyday use. This comparison lists every tobacco e-liquid reviewed by eDripping.com, describing the flavor notes in each. Whether you have just tried e-cigs for the first time or are looking for something new, I hope it will be a valuable resource. Click a link or picture to display the product page for that e-liquid.

Product Picture Description Rating
Halo Freedom Juice Halo Freedom Juice E-Liquid Electronic Cigarette The tobacco e-liquid to try before you try anything else. Very convincing tobacco flavor — reminds me of a Camel — with peppery background notes. 5.000
Halo Turkish Tobacco Halo Turkish Tobacco E-Liquid Review Could be even better than Freedom Juice. Great analog tobacco taste, dry and a little smoky. 5.000
Intellicig ECOpure Rich Intellicig ECOpure Rich E-Liquid Review Tastes as clean as an e-liquid gets. The flavor is mild, and some other e-liquids bear a stronger resemblance to real tobacco. However, the clean taste and pure nicotine punch make it difficult to put this one down. 5.000
eLiquid Planet Essence Tobacco eLiquid Planet Essence Tobacco e-Cig Juice The Camel Turkish Royal to Freedom Juice’s Camel Light. Warm, mellow and slightly sweet flavors make Essence Tobacco feel like an indulgence. 5.000
Intellicig RiZe Flue Cured Intellicig RiZe Flue Cured E-Liquid Review Superb Virginia tobacco flavor with vapor production and throat hit to match. An excellent Marlboro or Winston replacement. 5.000
Ares Black Clove Ares Black Clove E-Liquid Review Uses real eugenol to replicate the feeling of a real clove cigarette. Although the clove flavor is artificial, it feels absolutely authentic. Must taste to believe. 4.750
DKS Marshall DKS Marshall E-Liquid Review The first e-liquid I’ve ever tried with the aroma of burning leaves. Zero-nicotine but actually has a little throat hit. Very nice. 4.333
Safe Cig Turkish Cartomizer Safe Cig Micro Turkish Cartomizer Review A rich Turkish tobacco flavor with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. Becomes more complex as you continue using it. 4.250
Mister-E-Liquid Grey Matter Mister-E-Liquid Grey Matter Review An almost perfect representation of pipe tobacco, marred slightly by the addition of sweet flavor notes that don’t quite work such as French toast, cinnamon and butter. 4.250
Halo Smooth 8 Halo Smooth 8 Tobacco Electronic Cigarette Liquid Tastes like tobacco flavored with citrus peel. Also has a background ginger flavor note. Reminds me of a limited-edition Camel flavor I used to enjoy. 4.125
Volcano Tobacco Volcano Tobacco E-Liquid A neutral e-liquid with flavor notes of coffee, roasted nuts and honey. Muted sweetness makes it a good choice for all-day use. 4.125
Halo Midnight Apple Halo Midnight Apple E-Liquid Review Tobacco flavor with a green apple top note. Reminiscent of a green Jolly Rancher, but not too sweet. Very enjoyable. 4.000
Halo HX3 Halo HX3 E-Liquid Review An e-liquid that takes no prisoners. Tobacco, liquid smoke flavors and intense throat hit are counterbalanced by peppermint and a bit of menthol. 4.000
Halo Torque 56 Cartomizer Halo Torque 56 Pre-Filled G6 Cartomizer Review Notes of pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, espresso and vanilla. Strong, refined taste and high vapor production. Vaping Torque 56 with a pre-filled cartomizer is a completely different experience than dripping. 4.000
Intellicig RiZe Kamel Intellicig RiZe Kamel E-Liquid Review Notes of domestic tobacco, Turkish tobacco and bergamot. Very complex; seems to provide a slightly different flavor profile with each puff. 4.000
Prime Vaping Peach Tobacco Prime Vaping Peach Tobacco E-Liquid Review A bit sweet, but a very nice interpretation of a peach pipe tobacco. 4.000
Intellicig RiZe Rustica Intellicig RiZe Rustica E-Liquid Review A dry, ashy, very cigarette-like tobacco blend. To truly replace analog cigarettes, it could use a bit more flavor and throat hit. 4.000
Ares Black Cherry Tobacco Ares Black Cherry Tobacco E-Liquid Review While it doesn’t taste like the cherry pipe tobacco it is supposed to resemble, this e-liquid is rich and highly pleasurable. Similar to a chocolate-covered cherry. 3.750
Smoke Revolution USA Premium Cuban Cigar Smoke Revolution USA Premium Cuban Cigar E-Liquid Review An odd e-liquid with flavor notes including coffee, chocolate, vanilla and bread or yeast. Not cigar-like, but enjoyable. 3.625
Ares Classic Tobacco Ares Classic Tobacco E-Liquid Review Uses a combination of spice flavors to mimic the taste of real tobacco. Flavor notes include anise, clove and cinnamon. 3.625
Halo Prime 15 Halo Prime 15 Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid Buy Prime 15 and use it quickly. For the first few days, this is a sublime tobacco e-liquid. Becomes overly sweet and takes on caramel flavor notes when it matures. 3.500
Smoke Revolution USA Classic Tobacco Smoke Revolution USA Mix Classic Tobacco E-Liquid Review Spicy tobacco e-liquid with black pepper flavor note. Slight sweetness on the inhale. Reminiscent of Marlboro. 3.500
Intellicig RiZe Reds Blend Intellicig RiZe Reds Blend E-Liquid Review Tastes very similar to Intellicig USA’s Flue-Cured Tobacco, but the flavor is far less pronounced. I prefer Flue-Cured. 3.500
Halo Torque 56 Halo Torque 56 Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid Extreme tobacco flavor with plenty of throat hit and vapor production. I prefer Freedom Juice but this is a strong contender among tobacco e-liquids. 3.500
Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Tennessee Cured E-Liquid Review An interesting tobacco e-liquid with a bit of smoky depth. Burnt caramel, vanilla and mesquite flavors. Lacking in vapor production. 3.375
Mister-E-Liquid Kamel Hump Mister-E-Liquid Kamel Hump Review Not an especially realistic tobacco experience. Sweet citrus notes are at the forefront while a bit of peppery spice lingers on the tongue after the exhale. Interesting, but nothing spectacular. 3.250
Safe Cig Traditional Cartomizer Safe Cig Traditional Micro Refill Cartomizer Review If you’ve ever tried a typical Chinese tobacco-flavored e-liquid, you’ve probably had a flavor like this one. Good for new e-cig users to use as a baseline for comparing other flavors. Not recommended for experienced vapers. 3.125
Halo Captain Jack Halo Captain Jack Pipe Tobacco E-Liquid Has an aroma so similar to English pipe tobacco that you’ll think you’re smelling the real thing. Doesn’t taste quite as convincing, though. Flavor notes include caramel, vanilla and chocolate. 3.000
Halo Tribeca Halo Tribeca Electronic Cigarette Liquid Inspired by the RY4 flavor and improves on it in every respect. Warm and complex with flavors of caramel, butterscotch and coffee. Doesn’t taste like tobacco. 3.000
Prime Vaping Nostalgia Prime Vaping Nostalgia E-Liquid Review Malted chocolate with a base flavor made from real tobacco. Unfortunately the chocolate and tobacco flavors compete with each other and neither really “speaks” in this e-liquid. 2.875
Johnson Creek Domestic Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Domestic E-Liquid Review Johnson Creek’s usual tobacco base flavor with a hint of salt. Fairly boring. 2.625
eLiquid Planet Essence USA eLiquid Planet Essence USA Review A dry and spicy interpretation of the classic USA tobacco flavor with a bit too much “barnyard” taste. 2.625
Mister-E-Liquid English Meadow Mister-E-Liquid English Meadow Review Very sweet and fruity for a tobacco e-liquid. No real tobacco notes to speak of. 2.625
Virgin Vapor Organic Tobacco Virgin Vapor Organic Tobacco Review A strong ashtray taste mars the experience of using this e-liquid on its own. Might have potential as a mixer with something sweeter. 2.500
Highbrow Vapor Highbrowbacco RY4 Highbrow Vapor Highbrowbacco RY4 E-Liquid Review Caramel and butter flavor notes overpower what I think might be a pretty good tobacco base. Strong “Chinese tobacco” flavor profile. 2.500
Smoke Revolution USA Tobacco Blend Smoke Revolution USA Tobacco Blend E-Liquid Review Tastes a bit too much like the “barnyard aroma” of an unlit cigar. 2.500
eLiquid Planet RY4 eLiquid Planet RY4 Electronic Cigarette Liquid RY4 is a classic tobacco e-liquid from the early days of electronic cigarettes that I have never found particularly enjoyable. Flavor notes include caramel, honey and nutmeg. 2.250
Johnson Creek J. C. Original Johnson Creek Smoke Juice J C Original E-Liquid Review Flavor notes include nuts and honey. Neutral, slightly sweet and fairly boring taste overall. 2.250
Volcano Tobacco Pure Volcano Tobacco Pure Electronic Cigarette Liquid Uses real tobacco as a flavoring agent, but tastes primarily like butterscotch and caramel. 2.000
Halo Bella Valente Halo Bella Valente E-Liquid Electronic Cigarette Cigar-flavored e-liquid that mimics the “barnyard” aroma of an unlit cigar too well. A bit unpleasant. 2.000
Intellicig RiZe French Pipe Intellicig RiZe French Pipe E-Liquid Review Has a bit of a pipe tobacco scent, but doesn’t taste like pipe tobacco at all. Without the name “French Pipe,” I wouldn’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. 1.750